1 egg short of a dozen

A Nebraska man has been sen­tenced to 108 days in jail for dri­ving drunk … with 100 chick­ens in his SUV. chicken in a carLuis Motola-Palacio was pulled over for drunk dri­ving, but offi­cers were also con­cerned about the 100 chick­ens they found crammed into the back of the vehi­cle. Nearly half of them were dead. Pala­cio was charged with DUI and live­stock neglect. A year ear­lier, Pala­cio was arrested for assault after he shot a man in the leg dur­ing an argu­ment they had while butcher­ing a pig in a garage.

A Scot­tish woman, whose name was not released, was said to be highly intox­i­cated when she started pes­ter­ing a flight atten­dant for cig­a­rettes on a flight to Lon­don. She was told she couldn’t get a butt and then tried to kick some by remov­ing her pros­thetic leg and assault­ing the crew with it. A wit­ness said, “She was shout­ing ‘I want cig­a­rettes’ and that she wanted a para­chute to jump off the plane. It sounds funny, but it was not a laugh­ing mat­ter at the time.” The flight had to be diverted, and the woman was detained for questioning.

Florida man, Wayne Bradley Wade ran­sacked a home in Hol­ly­wood and made it out with a good haul, but in all the excite­ment he left his phone sit­ting on the bed in the mas­ter bed­room. Rather than do the smart thing and let it alone, he called it to see if they’d be good Samar­i­tans and return it. How­ever, the call was answered by a detec­tive sent to inves­ti­gate the rob­bery. Cops were able to find Wade by trac­ing the num­ber he placed the call from, and iden­tify him by his fin­ger­prints, which were all over the phone as well as other items at the scene. He now faces charges of grand theft and robbery.

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