Freak News for Monday 9/19

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Saving for a fat day –  Plastic surgeon Jeffrey Hartog has opened what’s thought to beAmerica’s first “fat bank,” where people who’ve gotten excess fat vacuumed out during liposuction can store it in case they need it at a later date. The good doctor says that the leftover goo can be used for anything from filling in facial wrinkles to plumping up breasts in a natural fashion.  The cost to store 250 to 300 cubic centimeters of fat, which would fill a coffee cup, is $900 for the first year and $200 a year after that.

What a heel –  A sicko with a foot fetish is prowling the streets of anArkansastown hunting for toes to suck. “We want him off the streets,” said aConwaypolice spokesman. He rather aggressively removed the shoe of one elderly woman sitting on her porch and began to suck her toes when she told him he was crazy (oh, you so crazy).  Another woman was approached by a man who told her he wanted to suck her “succulent” toes. She told police that the man had “messed up toes.”  Apparently he’s harboring some jealousy

Weekend at Jeffries – Not much to do inDenver these days unless of course you find a corpse.  Robert Jeffrey Young, 43, and Mark Rubinson, 25, allegedly loaded Jeffrey Jarrett into a car after finding him unresponsive at his southeastDenver home.  The two then allegedly went to Teddy T’s bar and grill and Sam’s No. 3, leaving Jarrett in Rubinson’s Lincoln Navigator, while they drank — on Jarrett’s tab. They also allegedly used Jarrett’s bank card to get money out of an ATM. Later, they took Jarrett’s body back home, went out for a meal, withdrew $400 more and headed for a strip club, police said. If this sounds familier that’s because in the 1989 movie “Weekend at Bernie’s”, two men lug around their employer’s body, making people think he is alive.

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