Freak News for Monday 9/19

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Sav­ing for a fat day —  Plas­tic sur­geon Jef­frey Har­tog has opened what’s thought to beAmerica’s first “fat bank,” where peo­ple who’ve got­ten excess fat vac­u­umed out dur­ing lipo­suc­tion can store it in case they need it at a later date. The good doc­tor says that the left­over goo can be used for any­thing from fill­ing in facial wrin­kles to plump­ing up breasts in a nat­ural fash­ion.  The cost to store 250 to 300 cubic cen­time­ters of fat, which would fill a cof­fee cup, is $900 for the first year and $200 a year after that.

What a heel -  A sicko with a foot fetish is prowl­ing the streets of anArkansas­town hunt­ing for toes to suck. “We want him off the streets,” said aCon­way­po­lice spokesman. He rather aggres­sively removed the shoe of one elderly woman sit­ting on her porch and began to suck her toes when she told him he was crazy (oh, you so crazy).  Another woman was approached by a man who told her he wanted to suck her “suc­cu­lent” toes. She told police that the man had “messed up toes.”  Appar­ently he’s har­bor­ing some jealousy

Week­end at Jef­fries – Not much to do inDen­ver these days unless of course you find a corpse.  Robert Jef­frey Young, 43, and Mark Rubin­son, 25, allegedly loaded Jef­frey Jar­rett into a car after find­ing him unre­spon­sive at his south­east­Den­ver home.  The two then allegedly went to Teddy T’s bar and grill and Sam’s No. 3, leav­ing Jar­rett in Rubinson’s Lin­coln Nav­i­ga­tor, while they drank — on Jarrett’s tab. They also allegedly used Jarrett’s bank card to get money out of an ATM. Later, they took Jarrett’s body back home, went out for a meal, with­drew $400 more and headed for a strip club, police said. If this sounds fam­i­lier that’s because in the 1989 movie “Week­end at Bernie’s”, two men lug around their employer’s body, mak­ing peo­ple think he is alive.

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