Freak News for Tuesday 11/1

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Itsy bitsy teenie weeny creep in a childs’ bikini – An Indianapolisman picked a creepy way to update his wardrobe — he broke into a daycare center in the wee hours, stripped naked and scampered off wearing a child-sized pink bikini.  The incident was captured on surveillance tape and reported to police, but parents have expressed concern, since they hadn’t been notified. The man, who’s still at large, was scared away by an alarm, but left a window wide open in his wake. He will be charged with burglary, since he left wearing the stolen swimsuit.

 It’s beer thirty somewhere – Timothy Snyder, 36, allegedly banged on an apartment door, burst in, and went straight for the refrigerator to grab a beer.  He hadn’t counted on one of the apartment’s two residents being awake.  Of course not, banging on the door and all!  The awake roomate  told Snyder to leave, and Snyder punched him in the chin!  That prompted a fight, waking the other roommate, who grabbed the would-be beer thief by the neck. The two residents managed to take control of the situation, calling 911. But then Snyder “gets back up and starts going at it,” says one of the residents. “I grabbed his neck and pinned him to the wall and at that point he grabs my back and I feel like I got scratched by keys.” The fight ended when he kicked Snyder in the groin. The burglar received home invasion and aggravated battery charges, while the wounded roommate got 28 staples and 25 stitches.

Only if all crimes were this easy to solve – Police officers in Oregonsay a domestic disturbance suspect more or less fell into their hands — through the ceiling.  Portland police were called Monday to a home to deal with an intoxicated man reported as threatening relatives. Lt. Robert King says they found him barricaded in the attic and determined he wasn’t a threat, so they began to leave with the intention of following up later. They say that’s when they heard a crash and returned to find the man had fallen through the ceiling and onto the living room floor. Twenty-one-year-old Aaron Deon Kinsey was not injured in the fall. He was booked on domestic violence charges, fourth-degree
assault and harassment.

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