Freak News for Tuesday 11/1

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Itsy bitsy tee­nie weeny creep in a childs’ bikini - An Indi­anapolis­man picked a creepy way to update his wardrobe — he broke into a day­care cen­ter in the wee hours, stripped naked and scam­pered off wear­ing a child-sized pink bikini.  The inci­dent was cap­tured on sur­veil­lance tape and reported to police, but par­ents have expressed con­cern, since they hadn’t been noti­fied. The man, who’s still at large, was scared away by an alarm, but left a win­dow wide open in his wake. He will be charged with bur­glary, since he left wear­ing the stolen swimsuit.

 It’s beer thirty some­where - Tim­o­thy Sny­der, 36, allegedly banged on an apart­ment door, burst in, and went straight for the refrig­er­a­tor to grab a beer.  He hadn’t counted on one of the apartment’s two res­i­dents being awake.  Of course not, bang­ing on the door and all!  The awake roo­mate  told Sny­der to leave, and Sny­der punched him in the chin!  That prompted a fight, wak­ing the other room­mate, who grabbed the would-be beer thief by the neck. The two res­i­dents man­aged to take con­trol of the sit­u­a­tion, call­ing 911. But then Sny­der “gets back up and starts going at it,” says one of the res­i­dents. “I grabbed his neck and pinned him to the wall and at that point he grabs my back and I feel like I got scratched by keys.” The fight ended when he kicked Sny­der in the groin. The bur­glar received home inva­sion and aggra­vated bat­tery charges, while the wounded room­mate got 28 sta­ples and 25 stitches.

Only if all crimes were this easy to solve - Police offi­cers in Ore­gon­say a domes­tic dis­tur­bance sus­pect more or less fell into their hands — through the ceil­ing.  Port­land police were called Mon­day to a home to deal with an intox­i­cated man reported as threat­en­ing rel­a­tives. Lt. Robert King says they found him bar­ri­caded in the attic and deter­mined he wasn’t a threat, so they began to leave with the inten­tion of fol­low­ing up later. They say that’s when they heard a crash and returned to find the man had fallen through the ceil­ing and onto the liv­ing room floor. Twenty-one-year-old Aaron Deon Kin­sey was not injured in the fall. He was booked on domes­tic vio­lence charges, fourth-degree
assault and harassment.

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