2 slaps, an uppercut and a fish to the face!

A feisty Irish teenager described as between 15 and 18 with “untidy” blonde hair, approached a seafood fish slapcounter and asked the worker several questions about the offerings on display, then suddenly grabbed a large sea bream by the tail and smacked the worker square in the face before making a run for it! The victim says he has no idea what might have motivated the girl to do such a fishy thing.

Guy Lanchester was wandering around on the grounds of a Key West motel, which creeped out the night clerk enough that he called cops.  As a deputy pulled into the parking lot, he saw Lanchester toss a parcel into a planter and walk away. Officer Darnell Sealy retrieved the bag, which contained about a gram of coke, he approached Lanchester, who kept a straight face while saying, “I don’t understand. I thought cocaine wasn’t illegal in Florida.” He thought wrong, and is facing felony charges.

Trevor Puskas barged into a Radio Shack with a ski-mask over his face and a stun gun in his hand, demanding the clerk turn over all the cash in the register.  He got a bit unnerved when the employee took too long, however, and fired a taser which landed a direct hit on his own hand! Obviously realizing what a stupid mistake he’d made he hauled ass out the door.  But he came back a few hours later…because he’s an employee there and was scheduled a shift!  Cops were waiting.

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