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It’s the head­line that got me inter­ested:  Cop in trou­ble for scar­ing poop­ing turkey with gun. A Ten­nessee cop fired a gun to stop a turkey from poop­ing on a police car, but now he’s the one who’s ankle-deep in doo-doo.  Lt. Andy Jack­son, a sher­iff in Maury County, Tenn., found the hard way that shoot­ing a gun to scare a turkey isn’t proper police pro­ce­dure, and was rep­ri­manded by his supe­rior offi­cers for using his firearm out­side his train­ing.  Even though Lt Jack­son felt he was being safe Chief Deputy Nathan Johns said “We don’t train to use our firearm to scare ani­mals off of vehi­cles,” The turkey was unavail­able for comment.

While at the hos­pi­tal being treated for a gun shot wound, offi­cials say Wen­dell Doc­teur claimed he was rid­ing his bike when six men showed up, their faces obscured by hooded sweat­shirts, and asked for money before shoot­ing at him. Cops thought Docteur’s story sounded sus­pi­cious, espe­cially because they found a bul­let exit hole com­ing from inside his pants. Even­tu­ally, they say, he broke down and admit­ted he was car­ry­ing a gun in his waist­band, and it acci­den­tally went off while he was rid­ing. He was arrested on charges of mak­ing a false state­ment, unlaw­ful dis­charge of a firearm and fail­ure to report a lost firearm.  Well, at least he has a good imagination.

man in trashPolice in Syra­cuse say Robin Gutheridge robbed a Chase Bank branch and fled on foot. Detec­tives learned he was seen enter­ing an apart­ment build­ing a few blocks away and while offi­cers searched the build­ing, a main­te­nance worker told them he could hear some­one call­ing for help from a garbage chute in the base­ment. Police say Gutheridge was found trapped near a com­pactor, with some of the bank’s money with him. He had fallen 21 floors (and now he can’t get up).

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