21 trash street

It’s the headline that got me interested:  Cop in trouble for scaring pooping turkey with gun. A Tennessee cop fired a gun to stop a turkey from pooping on a police car, but now he’s the one who’s ankle-deep in doo-doo.  Lt. Andy Jackson, a sheriff in Maury County, Tenn., found the hard way that shooting a gun to scare a turkey isn’t proper police procedure, and was reprimanded by his superior officers for using his firearm outside his training.  Even though Lt Jackson felt he was being safe Chief Deputy Nathan Johns said “We don’t train to use our firearm to scare animals off of vehicles,” The turkey was unavailable for comment.

While at the hospital being treated for a gun shot wound, officials say Wendell Docteur claimed he was riding his bike when six men showed up, their faces obscured by hooded sweatshirts, and asked for money before shooting at him. Cops thought Docteur’s story sounded suspicious, especially because they found a bullet exit hole coming from inside his pants. Eventually, they say, he broke down and admitted he was carrying a gun in his waistband, and it accidentally went off while he was riding. He was arrested on charges of making a false statement, unlawful discharge of a firearm and failure to report a lost firearm.  Well, at least he has a good imagination.

man in trashPolice in Syracuse say Robin Gutheridge robbed a Chase Bank branch and fled on foot. Detectives learned he was seen entering an apartment building a few blocks away and while officers searched the building, a maintenance worker told them he could hear someone calling for help from a garbage chute in the basement. Police say Gutheridge was found trapped near a compactor, with some of the bank’s money with him. He had fallen 21 floors (and now he can’t get up).

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