Thursday 1/12

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Throwing caution into the wind – Apparently a man threw a woman out of a car Tuesday and sped off nearCoos Bay,OR. The man however didn’t check the gas tank and was running out quickly so he pulled into a gas station to fuel up and asked to pay cash, but the attendant was suspicious because the driver was agitated. The attendant says the man was obviously relieved when police drove past the station. But officers drove around the back and cornered the suspect. Police say he tried to drive away but crashed the stolen Honda Civic into a light post.

Nair miss – A Salt Lake City residence noticed thousands of dollars in cash went missing from their home on several occasions. Court documents state the couple set a trap with security cameras and planted cash as bait. The cameras showed a woman wearing a very large men’s suit, a beanie hat and a fake mustache. Authorities say the victims then recognized the woman as their neighbor, to whom they had given a key to their house! 

Monkeying around – An Iowa man was hauled in by cops after he went ape and robbed a convenience store, then assaulted one of the officers with a stuffed monkey that was part of the heist.  Preston James Phipps was causing a ruckus behind the store’s counter, which prompted the clerk to phone police — who arrived as he was leaving the premises with two stuffed animals. The deputies say Phipps was calm at first, but quickly flipped out, hitting one of them in the face with one of the fluffy toys.  A store employee said that when she asked him what he was doing behind the counter, Phipps replied, “Don’t you worry about it. I’m going back to prison anyway.”

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