Thursday 1/12

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Throw­ing cau­tion into the wind — Appar­ently a man threw a woman out of a car Tues­day and sped off nearCoos Bay,OR. The man how­ever didn’t check the gas tank and was run­ning out quickly so he pulled into a gas sta­tion to fuel up and asked to pay cash, but the atten­dant was sus­pi­cious because the dri­ver was agi­tated. The atten­dant says the man was obvi­ously relieved when police drove past the sta­tion. But offi­cers drove around the back and cor­nered the sus­pect. Police say he tried to drive away but crashed the stolen Honda Civic into a light post.

Nair miss - A Salt Lake City res­i­dence noticed thou­sands of dol­lars in cash went miss­ing from their home on sev­eral occa­sions. Court doc­u­ments state the cou­ple set a trap with secu­rity cam­eras and planted cash as bait. The cam­eras showed a woman wear­ing a very large men’s suit, a beanie hat and a fake mus­tache. Author­i­ties say the vic­tims then rec­og­nized the woman as their neigh­bor, to whom they had given a key to their house! 

Mon­key­ing around — An Iowa man was hauled in by cops after he went ape and robbed a con­ve­nience store, then assaulted one of the offi­cers with a stuffed mon­key that was part of the heist.  Pre­ston James Phipps was caus­ing a ruckus behind the store’s counter, which prompted the clerk to phone police — who arrived as he was leav­ing the premises with two stuffed ani­mals. The deputies say Phipps was calm at first, but quickly flipped out, hit­ting one of them in the face with one of the fluffy toys.  A store employee said that when she asked him what he was doing behind the counter, Phipps replied, “Don’t you worry about it. I’m going back to prison anyway.”

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