Friday 1/13

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Urine a cab – A Florida man was arrested for calling 911 to claim he’d been kidnapped by a cabbie.  Apparently, Paul Coombs was rambling incoherently and smelled strongly of urine, so the cabbie drove him back to the cab depot where he was picked up — prompting Coombs to dial the emergency number and insist he was being kidnapped.  Coombs ended up settling his fare, but wanted to settle the score — so he dialed 911 seven more times to report the “crime.” When he was warned that more calls could lead to an arrest, he said he had a checkbook and didn’t care about going to jail — which is exactly where he ended up.

Sugar High – Life’s not so sweet for a Missouri woman who’s facing drug charges after calling cops to complain that she’d paid 40 bucks for some crack cocaine — only to find she’d been sold a bag of sugar instead.  Suzanne Basham called 911 to offer up the address of the guys who tried to give her a sugar high, but they refused to allow investigators inside. When cops went to Basham’s home, they found her to be in possession of a crack pipe — a crime in itself.  She already has one drug bust on her record.

Waste not want to go to jail – A routine traffic stop in Floridaturned into a high-speed chase after the dopey driver decided to make a run for it — in order to smoke all the crack he had in his possession before pulling over.  Gainesville cops wanted to issue Kenneth Stine a citation for driving with a burned-out headlight, but he decided to burn rubber, saying that he’d just purchased some crack cocaine and didn’t want to see it go to waste after an arrest. He was charged with fleeing and attempting to elude, possession of drug paraphernalia and violating his probation from a 2010 drug case.

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