Monday 1/16

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Smokers remorse – William Blankenship had been arrested on drug charges and tossed into the cop car when he managed to wrangle his way into the front seat and drive off while cuffed. The episode unnerved Blankenship enough to make him want a smoke — so he used the cruiser’s radio to get in touch with dispatch and ask where the cigarette lighter was. Blankenship’s family brokered a peaceful surrender, much to the relief of the arresting officer, who described himself as “embarrassed” about the incident.

 The labcoat avenger – An Iowa crook who tried to rip off a pharmacy’s stash of painkillers for recreational use ended up needing them for their intended use. That’s because Pharmacist Bill Shipley doesn’t take anyone’s crap and when Donald White rushed in, armed with a box cutter, and demanded a stash of hydrocodone pills he slapped the poop out of him!  Shipley punched out the thug and, with the help of a retired cop who happened to be on the scene, held him for police. He says he doesn’t buy advice to avoid confronting crooks, noting, “A lot of people tell you, ‘Don’t fight back, give them what they want, just get them out of the store.’ I disagree. Don’t let them take advantage of you if you think you can get the upper hand.”

There’s a crack in this plan – A Florida man is sure to be the butt of plenty of jokes after law enforcement officials found him in his jail cell with a gun.  Michael Ward had been arrested on an outstanding warrant from the state of Georgia, and was waiting processing when officers performed a strip search and discovered the 10-inch long, .38 caliber weapon in his rump shaker! The gun was found to be unloaded, but the storage process left Ward with injuries that are currently being treated. long do you thinnk he had to stash his gun before he was arrested? 

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