Friday 3/09

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There arn’t pills to keep you out of jail – Corey Trabucco was loitering on a street corner trying to arrange a drug deal over his cell phone when a nearby officer overheard and searched him — turning up more than 20 illicit painkillers. After the deputy tossed Trabucco — who’s been arrested nine times over the past three years — into the back of a cruiser, the 21-year-old stuck a finger down his throat and called up a stream of puke, which landed on the back of the cop’s head.  Trabucco said he pulled the stunt because he was “going to jail anyway.”

I want my $2 – The man, who was wearing dark glasses and had a bandana covering his face, walked to the register and displayed a gun, but the clerk informed him that the register was empty. Upon hearing the bad news, he turned to the customer behind him in line and pointed the gun, telling the other man “I’m desperate.” The second customer handed over two dollars and the crook fled the scene. Cops are seeking him on charges of very, very petty theft.

The old switcharoo – A clerk at a Florida store declined to open her cash register for 17-year-old Cody Conner, when he brandished a gun but instead told him he might be able to earn some dough by filling out a job application, which he agreed to do. The two hugged and shared a cigarette, then Conner went home to await word on that new job — only to find cops waiting to arrest him. The teen, who was taken to juvenile detention, told deputies he was trying to help his grandparents pay their bills.

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