Monday 4/30

Ham­ming it up - An entre­pre­neur in France is giv­ing humans a chance to expe­ri­ence life  as a ham­ster!  French ‘scenog­ra­pher’ Yann Fal­querho runs ‘Villa Ham­ster’, a hotel that’s been ren­o­vated for the human-hamster hybrid, with cages for rooms, haystacks instead of beds, and human-sized run­ning wheels. Guests eat organic ham­ster grains served in lit­tle con­tain­ers; sip water on all-fours; and have the option of wear­ing lit­tle ham­ster hood­ies. The one con­ces­sion to their human­ity is a cof­fee machine in each cage.

 Wrong place at the wrong time…or the right time - A Tra­verse City police detec­tive went to a local gas sta­tion to show clerks a sur­veil­lance video image of some­one accused of steal­ing a woman’s credit card a week before. As luck would have it the man Detec­tive Kevin Gay was look­ing for just hap­pened to be in that store at that very moment buy­ing a pack of cig­a­rettes!  The man, 51, was arrested and faces charges of unlaw­ful use of a credit card.

 Tan­ning causes can­cer & gets you run over - The Beaver County, PA Police Depart­ment says that 13-year-olds Saman­tha Scher­man­horn and Kaylie George were hit by a vehi­cle Sun­day after­noon. Two of Samantha’s cousins said their 19-year-old brother had stopped at a stop sign and made a turn right before strik­ing the girls…who just hap­pened to be lay­ing on the road sun­bathing!   Turns out while they were soak­ing up the sun they decided to nap as well. The girls were air­lifted to a hos­pi­tal. Offi­cials with the Children’sHospitalofPittsburghstate that the girls are in fair con­di­tion Sun­day night.

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