Thursday 5/3

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 Ger­man police say they busted a bur­glar respon­si­ble for nearly 100 break-ins because he left behind earprints! He appar­ently put his ear against doors to lis­ten for peo­ple inside. “Earprints are of sim­i­lar value as fin­ger­prints in terms of evi­dence,” explained a police offi­cial. The sus­pect allegedly had hauled in $660,000 worth of stolen goods before his arrest.

The inspec­tors at an air­pot grew sus­pi­cious of a woman when they noticed an odd bulge in her hair and a few stray white flakes — which she explained away by say­ing she was wear­ing a hefty amount of glue to hold her weave in place. But when they checked more closely, they found 10 small rolls, each hold­ing about an ounce of the drug.

A man forced a dri­ver and his female pas­sen­ger out of their car and into the trunk! But when they got into the vehi­cle they noticed it was man­ual and nei­ther knew how to drive that! They ended up bring­ing out the man to drive when con­fronted with the stick shift. While he drove them part-way to their des­ti­na­tion, he bolted the scene, leav­ing them to fend for them­selves — and leav­ing his female friend in the trunk .

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