Annoying Tots FTW

Annoy­ing Tots 1, car thief 0 - A car thief in New York City ran into a lit­tle prob­lem when try­ing to make off with a shiny new Honda Odyssey — make that two lit­tle prob­lems, one aged seven, the other aged five. The crook hopped into the Russo family’s van as it was parked out­side a pet store, not notic­ing that two young boys and a yap­ping poo­dle were inside. He drove off with his pas­sen­gers in tow, only to get a mas­sive headache from the lads, who told him he was in the wrong car — and warned him not to snag any of the quar­ters in the change tray. The bad guy, iden­ti­fied as “Leo,” gave up and drove the vehi­cle to the family’s house — where he fled on foot with his shirt pulled up over his face.

Fork­lift Fail! — Fort Worth­po­lice said Tim­o­thy Raines, 43, stole a fork­lift from a con­struc­tion site and led police on a chase end­ing on Inter­state 30.  Nathan Low­ery said he wit­nessed the man drive past while he was at a Uni­ver­sity Drive gas sta­tion and took a brief video of the chase. “When we passed him, the guy was stand­ing up chug­ging a beer and threw it at the cop car behind him,” Low­ery said.  Raines was arrested on charges includ­ing theft, aggra­vated assault on a peace offi­cer and dri­ving while intoxicated.

This sit­u­a­tion could have used a Jake Break - Roseville Police Deputy Chief James Berlin called it a case of “moronic decision-making,” A man was unable to stop his truck at a red light at an inter­sec­tion & ran the light and hit two vehi­cle. He con­tin­ued on and hit two more at another inter­sec­tion. The dri­ver was finally stopped when an offi­cer caught up with him and told him to put the truck in park.Berlinsaid the man passed field sobri­ety tests, but his driver’s license also was sus­pended at the time of the acci­dents. The dri­ver admit­ted he knew the brakes weren’t work­ing but wanted to get home because he was tired and had to go to work the next day.”  He faces charges of reck­less dri­ving and dri­ving with a sus­pended license. “It’s so stu­pid, it’s com­i­cal. But it could have been very tragic,“Berlinsaid.

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