Annoying Tots FTW

Annoying Tots 1, car thief 0 – A car thief in New York City ran into a little problem when trying to make off with a shiny new Honda Odyssey — make that two little problems, one aged seven, the other aged five. The crook hopped into the Russo family’s van as it was parked outside a pet store, not noticing that two young boys and a yapping poodle were inside. He drove off with his passengers in tow, only to get a massive headache from the lads, who told him he was in the wrong car — and warned him not to snag any of the quarters in the change tray. The bad guy, identified as “Leo,” gave up and drove the vehicle to the family’s house — where he fled on foot with his shirt pulled up over his face.

Forklift Fail! – Fort Worthpolice said Timothy Raines, 43, stole a forklift from a construction site and led police on a chase ending on Interstate 30.  Nathan Lowery said he witnessed the man drive past while he was at a University Drive gas station and took a brief video of the chase. “When we passed him, the guy was standing up chugging a beer and threw it at the cop car behind him,” Lowery said.  Raines was arrested on charges including theft, aggravated assault on a peace officer and driving while intoxicated.

This situation could have used a Jake Break – Roseville Police Deputy Chief James Berlin called it a case of “moronic decision-making,” A man was unable to stop his truck at a red light at an intersection & ran the light and hit two vehicle. He continued on and hit two more at another intersection. The driver was finally stopped when an officer caught up with him and told him to put the truck in park.Berlinsaid the man passed field sobriety tests, but his driver’s license also was suspended at the time of the accidents. The driver admitted he knew the brakes weren’t working but wanted to get home because he was tired and had to go to work the next day.”  He faces charges of reckless driving and driving with a suspended license. “It’s so stupid, it’s comical. But it could have been very tragic,”Berlinsaid.

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