Pretzel Beatdown

pretzelTwo Detroit women were busted on assault charges after they got all twisted over being given the wrong dipping sauce at a mall pretzel stand. The women, whose names were not released, attacked the server at an Auntie Anne’s location after returning midway through their snack to demand different dips. The server refused to exchange the dips, since they’d already eaten most if it! That’s when the gals decided to repeat their demand — this time with their fists, jumping over the counter to deliver a honey of a beat down to the worker, who mustered no counter attack. Charges are still pending.

In what has to be one of the world’s weirdest car crashes, a speeding SUV flew off a Houston road, hit a berm that sent it airborne, smashed into the roof of a house, then lodged in the roof of the house next-door—all without hurting anyone. Police think the driver was drunk and speeding when he took a curve that was too much to handle. But neither the driver nor the houses’ inhabitants were harmed, and indeed, when taken away in an ambulance, the driver appeared to be texting. The curve is apparently a known treacherous spot, with one local citing accidents “two or three times a month.” But “I’ve been out here a while and, yes, this is the first I’ve seen anything like this,” says a police deputy. But the driver is facing possible charges, including those stemming from a gun that tumbled out of the vehicle; he could face trouble for having a pistol while driving drunk.

When deputies pulled Heather Gardner over Cops said Gardner’s eyes were bloodshot and she reeked of alcohol when she got out. She declined a sobriety test by saying, “What’s the point, I’m drunk. I don’t drink and drive often — otherwise I’d be good at it.” The 27-year-old told them she knew she shouldn’t be behind the wheel, but defended her decision to hit the road by saying, “You don’t understand, I just want to cuddle.”  Police said as she was released, Gardner was surprised that she’d hit another car and asked police how she got out of her vehicle.

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