You've got mail! Well, maybe not.


A mail car­rier threw more than a thou­sand pieces of mail into garbage bins along his Long Island, NY route … sim­ply because he was too lazy to
deliver them, police say, per the New York Post. Fed­eral agents first
started look­ing into Patrick Paskett’s deliv­ery prac­tices after
receiv­ing com­plaints of miss­ing let­ters and pack­ages, and on March
6, the 24-year-old was observed throw­ing a stack of let­ters into a
Mas­s­ape­qua garbage can, accord­ing to a court com­plaint. When
con­fronted, police say Pas­kett, who began work in June, admit­ted
he’d chucked mail about 15 times since Decem­ber. Some 1,018
pieces of mail were recov­ered from four sites he had used as
dump­ing grounds in late Feb­ru­ary and early March. A USPS rep says
that Pas­kett is still tech­ni­cally employed pend­ing the out­come of his
mail destruc­tion charges—which could land him five years in jail—
but he is no longer deliv­er­ing mail, reports NBC News. Pas­kett,
how­ever, told the Post, “I really don’t want to talk about this with
any­one. It hap­pened. I resigned. I don’t work for them any­more. It’s

Ditch­ing school is usu­ally a bad thing—but in Cal­i­for­nia on Mon­day,
skip­ping class enabled three teens to become heroes. Garen
Kissoyan, Peter Kravar­i­o­tis, and Kir­ill Yan­tikov, all 17-year-old
seniors at San Ramon’s Cal­i­for­nia High School, were dri­ving down
the street on their way to McDonald’s when they saw smoke com­ing
from the back of a house. Then, they saw Dianna Davis in the
garage, call­ing 911—and she told them her elderly mother was still
inside the house, NBC Bay Area reports. “We … had the same
instinct,” Kravar­i­o­tis says. “Just go in the house, so we did.“The
smoke was dense, but they man­aged to find Davis’ 94-year-old
mother—covered in soot. They car­ried her and her dog to safety as
she screamed, “I’m on fire. I’m on fire,” the San Jose Mer­cury News
reports. “All you could see was flames,” Kissoyan says. “We couldn’t
even see the lady. She was cov­ered in ash.” She is recov­er­ing in a
burn unit. The teens returned to school smelling of smoke, but
were quickly called to the principal’s office. He had a record­ing of
them cut­ting class—and a voice­mail from the woman’s neigh­bor
explain­ing what hap­pened and ask­ing the prin­ci­pal to go easy on
them. They must serve four vol­un­teer hours, but the prin­ci­pal tells
KTVU he is “excep­tion­ally proud” of the teens nonetheless.

A Florida man chose to go against the grain on St. Patrick’s Day by
attempt­ing to get him­self locked up after appar­ently hav­ing one too
many. Jackie Eugene Mayo tried to turn him­self in at Mar­ion County
Jail on Mon­day on an out­stand­ing war­rant for a pro­ba­tion vio­la­tion
on a DUI arrest, but he had a tough time find­ing his way
in. Accord­ing to the Ocala Star Ban­ner, “Mayo made his way to the
book­ing entrance of the jail and a cor­rec­tions offi­cer tried to talk
with him,” but the 32-year-old man “began yelling and
scream­ing.” Prior to find­ing the entrance, Mayo had been bang­ing
on the doors of the video vis­i­ta­tion build­ing and “stag­ger­ing
around the prop­erty.” Accord­ing to the arrest report from the
Mar­ion County Sheriff’s Office, Mayo smelled like alco­hol. When a
sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene, Mayo was arrested for bat­tery
on a law enforce­ment offi­cer, resist­ing arrest with­out vio­lence and
dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion. He was also booked on the orig­i­nal
pro­ba­tion vio­la­tion charge and was being held at the jail with­out

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