You've got mail! Well, maybe not.


A mail carrier threw more than a thousand pieces of mail into garbage bins along his Long Island, NY route … simply because he was too lazy to
deliver them, police say, per the New York Post. Federal agents first
started looking into Patrick Paskett’s delivery practices after
receiving complaints of missing letters and packages, and on March
6, the 24-year-old was observed throwing a stack of letters into a
Massapequa garbage can, according to a court complaint. When
confronted, police say Paskett, who began work in June, admitted
he’d chucked mail about 15 times since December. Some 1,018
pieces of mail were recovered from four sites he had used as
dumping grounds in late February and early March. A USPS rep says
that Paskett is still technically employed pending the outcome of his
mail destruction charges—which could land him five years in jail—
but he is no longer delivering mail, reports NBC News. Paskett,
however, told the Post, “I really don’t want to talk about this with
anyone. It happened. I resigned. I don’t work for them anymore. It’s

Ditching school is usually a bad thing—but in California on Monday,
skipping class enabled three teens to become heroes. Garen
Kissoyan, Peter Kravariotis, and Kirill Yantikov, all 17-year-old
seniors at San Ramon’s California High School, were driving down
the street on their way to McDonald’s when they saw smoke coming
from the back of a house. Then, they saw Dianna Davis in the
garage, calling 911—and she told them her elderly mother was still
inside the house, NBC Bay Area reports. “We … had the same
instinct,” Kravariotis says. “Just go in the house, so we did.”The
smoke was dense, but they managed to find Davis’ 94-year-old
mother—covered in soot. They carried her and her dog to safety as
she screamed, “I’m on fire. I’m on fire,” the San Jose Mercury News
reports. “All you could see was flames,” Kissoyan says. “We couldn’t
even see the lady. She was covered in ash.” She is recovering in a
burn unit. The teens returned to school smelling of smoke, but
were quickly called to the principal’s office. He had a recording of
them cutting class—and a voicemail from the woman’s neighbor
explaining what happened and asking the principal to go easy on
them. They must serve four volunteer hours, but the principal tells
KTVU he is “exceptionally proud” of the teens nonetheless.

A Florida man chose to go against the grain on St. Patrick’s Day by
attempting to get himself locked up after apparently having one too
many. Jackie Eugene Mayo tried to turn himself in at Marion County
Jail on Monday on an outstanding warrant for a probation violation
on a DUI arrest, but he had a tough time finding his way
in. According to the Ocala Star Banner, “Mayo made his way to the
booking entrance of the jail and a corrections officer tried to talk
with him,” but the 32-year-old man “began yelling and
screaming.” Prior to finding the entrance, Mayo had been banging
on the doors of the video visitation building and “staggering
around the property.” According to the arrest report from the
Marion County Sheriff’s Office, Mayo smelled like alcohol. When a
sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene, Mayo was arrested for battery
on a law enforcement officer, resisting arrest without violence and
disorderly intoxication. He was also booked on the original
probation violation charge and was being held at the jail without

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