Palm Tree Punch to the head!

Tony Calderon was waiting street side in East Los Angeles when a palm tree’s 2,000-pound crown became palm treedetached and fell on top of him! Bystanders responded to his screams for help, but were unable to budge the tree top, which firefighters eventually had to remove using a crane. It took responders nearly two hours to get to the body. Thankfully (somehow) Calderon is still alive!

During a routine traffic stop a dash cam video obtained by KHOU shows officer Kenneth Lewis and his partner’s patrol car barreling toward them, forcing Lewis to leap over the side of the bridge. He fell 30 feet to the rocks by the side of the Flat Bank Bayou. Turns out the police car was struck from behind by another car, driven by an allegedly drunk woman. Christie Diane Biggers, 46, a physical education teacher at a nearby elementary school, has been charged with intoxicated assault.

Charity Johnson enrolled at New Life Christian School in Longview as a sophomore using the name Charity Stevens. That was the same name she gave officers when they arrested her at her apartment when the school found out she’s really 31! Administrators at the school claim Johnson used a fake ID that indicated she was 15 when she enrolled at the school with the help of Tamica Lincoln who acted as her guardian in October 2013. Lincoln was fooled as well. She also thought that Johnson was 15 and actually met with Johnson’s 10th grade teachers about her progress. She told KLTV, “I sympathized with her, and invited her into my home. I took her in as a child, did her hair, got her clothes and shoes.” Charity “delusional” Johnson was arrested for failure to identify/giving false, fictitious information and was brought to Jail.

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