90 year old reels in woman

old man fishingA 90-year-old man in the Netherlands is a hero after jumping into a river to rescue a 19-year-old woman who fell from a dock. Jaap [pr. YOP] Koppers said he was fishing when he heard a splash followed by a scream. When he saw the woman in the water he jumped in to pull her out .Koppers said, “It was my duty. Some people freeze with shock when something like this happens, but not me. I would do the same thing again. But it was just as well she was not too fat.”

Bayonne Police Chief Anthony Scianni said Brian Campbell, 30, wore a baseball cap and a bandana covering his face when he entered a Chase bank branch and demanded money. Bank customer Anthony Farrington, 35, overheard Campbell and pulled a super hero move by grabbing a candy dish and hitting Campbell over the head!  Campbell fell and his head struck the counter and Farrington was able to bind his hands with a phone cord. Campbell was arrested on a charge of first-degree robbery and held on $200,000 bond.

Cops found a very wasted Stephanie Hendricks in front of a deli on Saturday night, and when they approached her, she began cursing wildly and bared her lady parts – telling the officers precisely what they could do with them, before firing her undies in their direction. She was cuffed and charged with theft of services, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and indecent exposure. Contacted by a local newspaper, she said, “I went out. I got drunk. I had a bad night. It was obviously an altercation, but I have no recollection from a certain point in the evening.”

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