A hole in her escape plan

South Carolina woman Christie Lee Davis drove a stolen car over to a friend’s house but was asked to leave when she became disruptive. hole in the ceilingsShe decided she wasn’t being disruptive enough and drove the car into the side of her friend’s house! When cops arrived to arrest her, she told them she was feeling sick, so they took her to a nearby hospital. While there, she was given permission to use the bathroom. She apparently tried to escape, because several minutes later she came crashing through the hospital ceiling and landed on a security guard who suffered injuries. She also caused $1,000 in damages. Davis was taken to jail and held on $3,000 bail. She’s been slapped with a slew of charges including possession of a stolen vehicle, assault and battery.

A 26-year-old woman, whose name was not released, had apparently been hitting the special sauce a little too hard before staggering into an Australian McDonalds a little after midnight, leading the manager to call cops. The deputies managed to subdue her, but when they got her to the station, she lunged at one, dousing him with water and trying to bite him in his nuggets!! She didn’t make contact with the twins, but did manage to bite him and scratch him on the arm, drawing blood, before making another bid for the beef – which also failed.

Scott McLean Zacher was handcuffed after cops were called to the scene of a disturbance outside a Florida home. Zacher insisted the house belonged to a friend of his. But that doesn’t explain why he was trying to break in and mooning the neighbors. The 43-year-old, reportedly resisted cops, saying he hadn’t done anything wrong, and just wanted to visit his pal. Deputies still took him into custody, charging him with disorderly intoxication and trespassing.

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