A hole in her escape plan

South Car­olina woman Christie Lee Davis drove a stolen car over to a friend’s house but was asked to leave when she became dis­rup­tive. hole in the ceilingsShe decided she wasn’t being dis­rup­tive enough and drove the car into the side of her friend’s house! When cops arrived to arrest her, she told them she was feel­ing sick, so they took her to a nearby hos­pi­tal. While there, she was given per­mis­sion to use the bath­room. She appar­ently tried to escape, because sev­eral min­utes later she came crash­ing through the hos­pi­tal ceil­ing and landed on a secu­rity guard who suf­fered injuries. She also caused $1,000 in dam­ages. Davis was taken to jail and held on $3,000 bail. She’s been slapped with a slew of charges includ­ing pos­ses­sion of a stolen vehi­cle, assault and battery.

A 26-year-old woman, whose name was not released, had appar­ently been hit­ting the spe­cial sauce a lit­tle too hard before stag­ger­ing into an Aus­tralian McDon­alds a lit­tle after mid­night, lead­ing the man­ager to call cops. The deputies man­aged to sub­due her, but when they got her to the sta­tion, she lunged at one, dous­ing him with water and try­ing to bite him in his nuggets!! She didn’t make con­tact with the twins, but did man­age to bite him and scratch him on the arm, draw­ing blood, before mak­ing another bid for the beef – which also failed.

Scott McLean Zacher was hand­cuffed after cops were called to the scene of a dis­tur­bance out­side a Florida home. Zacher insisted the house belonged to a friend of his. But that doesn’t explain why he was try­ing to break in and moon­ing the neigh­bors. The 43-year-old, report­edly resisted cops, say­ing he hadn’t done any­thing wrong, and just wanted to visit his pal. Deputies still took him into cus­tody, charg­ing him with dis­or­derly intox­i­ca­tion and trespassing.

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