Jail Dodos

Offi­cers spot­ted Cindy Wingo and a male friend loi­ter­ing out­side a vacant home and decided to search her, jailturn­ing up a meth pipe and a bot­tle of pee. When asked why she was car­ry­ing the liq­uid, she was report­edly eva­sive and unable to offer a rea­son. Deputy Chaney Brown said it was “not uncom­mon” for users of the drug to save their urine and have some­one with the knowl­edge extract meth residue, so he sent the liq­uid to be tested and found a high con­cen­tra­tion of the drug. Wingo admit­ted the urine was hers, and was booked for pos­ses­sion of meth.

Res­i­dents in Orange County, Cal­i­for­nia are get­ting creeped out because some­one is leav­ing porce­lain dolls at the homes where young girls live — and the dolls resem­ble the girls. Orange County Sheriff’s Lieu­tenant Jeff Hal­lock told City News Ser­vice, “It’s pecu­liar, strange and weird and all that stuff. Peo­ple are say­ing the dolls slightly resem­ble their daugh­ters, which is creepy.” So far 11 dolls have been found and have been booked into evi­dence.

A group of Aussie con­victs escaped from Berrimah Prison near the town of Dar­win by climb­ing over a fence and into a car piloted by an accom­plice on the out­side. Guards took note of their absence, but before they could get a full-fledged search party under­way, one offi­cer dis­cov­ered the inmates back on prison grounds, drunk­enly argu­ing over a con­tra­band cell phone. They were pulled aside for a search that recov­ered five phones, two empty bot­tles of booze and a small quan­tity of a sub­stance believed to be marijuana.

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