Jail Dodos

Officers spotted Cindy Wingo and a male friend loitering outside a vacant home and decided to search her, jailturning up a meth pipe and a bottle of pee. When asked why she was carrying the liquid, she was reportedly evasive and unable to offer a reason. Deputy Chaney Brown said it was “not uncommon” for users of the drug to save their urine and have someone with the knowledge extract meth residue, so he sent the liquid to be tested and found a high concentration of the drug. Wingo admitted the urine was hers, and was booked for possession of meth.

Residents in Orange County, California are getting creeped out because someone is leaving porcelain dolls at the homes where young girls live — and the dolls resemble the girls. Orange County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Jeff Hallock told City News Service, “It’s peculiar, strange and weird and all that stuff. People are saying the dolls slightly resemble their daughters, which is creepy.” So far 11 dolls have been found and have been booked into evidence.

A group of Aussie convicts escaped from Berrimah Prison near the town of Darwin by climbing over a fence and into a car piloted by an accomplice on the outside. Guards took note of their absence, but before they could get a full-fledged search party underway, one officer discovered the inmates back on prison grounds, drunkenly arguing over a contraband cell phone. They were pulled aside for a search that recovered five phones, two empty bottles of booze and a small quantity of a substance believed to be marijuana.

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