Naked dude only wanted a Sprite

A homeowner, whose name was not released, says that she was watching television with her husband and Freddie shelbydecided to go downstairs, where she found Freddie Shelby sleeping in her bed – with all of his clothing tossed on the floor nearby. Trouble is, she had no idea who this naked guy sprawled out on her bed was! She says she grabbed a knife and a rolling pin to protect herself and called 911 then woke Shelby – who says he removed a screen and climbed through, making himself at home. The woman says that her wallet, complete with cash and credit cards, was right next to the bed and after checking, she determined that the only thing Shelby took was a can of Sprite. She says, “I felt disgusted. I Lysoled everything.”  – Gross, I’d spray everything too!


Chris Villavicencio of Union City, New Jersey, got separated from his parents and younger sister Saturday afternoon. The 9 year old left the zoo and wandered around Times Square until police found him at the Port Authority Bus Terminal more than a mile away. When the family was reunited, Chris’s father clutched him tightly and wept. The boy told the Daily News, “This was the greatest day of my life because this was the first day I was at the police station!” Oh no…they are in for a ride!
We knew this would eventually happen. Overzealous or perhaps visually impaired emergency responders broke into a hot car to rescue …a doll. With temperatures soaring to 82 degrees in Hoboken, New Jersey , passersby became alarmed and called 911 saying that there was a lifeless child left alone in a car seat. Luz Kitty Mieles, the owner of the Honda CRV, was not amused to find EMTs hovering around her smashed driver-side window after rescuing her granddaughter’s doll named Todd. The medics apologized for their mistake. Mieles wants Hoboken to reimburse her for the damage.


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