Shadow man on the moon!

A shad­owy fig­ure was spot­ted on the moon’s sur­face last month, and YouTube user Wow­for­reeel started using Google Moon, a    moon mancol­lec­tion of mil­lions of NASA images made pub­lic. Of course, the shadow might be explained in a num­ber of ways, par­tic­u­larly as a trick of light or a cam­era lens glitch. But, since it appears to be ris­ing a great dis­tance from the sur­face of the Moon and it looks like a human form – what is it?! Some media sites are point­ing to the figure’s alleged resem­blance to the ancient Greek statue, “The Colos­sus of Rhodes,” which is thought to have sunk into a har­bor after a mas­sive earth­quake in 226 B.C.  Yeah, that’s feasible…

Some peo­ple get hit in the head by stray fris­bees, oth­ers get stabbed by a knife plum­met­ing through the air. It appears that was the case for 57-year-old Chi­nese man Yun­zhi Xiao. Xiao was casu­ally walk­ing in his home when he noticed a knife pro­trud­ing from his head. So where did the knife come from? Appar­ently as Xiao was walk­ing under­neath a high-rise apart­ment build­ing, the knife fell from an eighth-floor bal­cony in what has to be one of the worst cases of tim­ing ever. Xiao said he felt a “very heavy weight” before bystanders pointed out that he was bleed­ing. “It hurt a lot.” Police said the knife had been knocked over the ledge by wind. Xiao is cur­rently in sta­ble condition.

A Florida deputy respond­ing to com­plaints about some­one deal­ing cocaine from a tan Mer­cury pulled up to the car, only to have dri­ver Jer­rod Bre­land put the pedal to the metal and take off. The offi­cer who pur­sued Bre­land reported that he saw the dri­ver roll down the win­dow and toss a large hand­ful of white pow­der out — then two more piles of what turned out to be cocaine. When he was finally pulled over, Bre­land said he didn’t see the flash­ing lights of the patrol car and “had no idea how the rain­storm of cocaine fell from the sky and landed on his car.” He faces charges of pos­ses­sion, tam­per­ing with evi­dence and aggra­vated assault of a law enforce­ment offi­cer. Appar­ently, the offi­cer was hit in the face with one of Breland’s ille­gal snowballs!

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