A belly full of excuses

A New Mexico grocery store clerk told Albuquerque police that Patrick Silva told her he had a gun and threatened to shoot her if belly rubshe didn’t hand over some money. So she gave him a bag of cash and Silva took off running. Police later found him hiding in a pickup truck. But he tells a much different and laughable version of the story. Silva claims that he asked the clerk for change and while he was scratching an itch on his stomach, she thought he was reaching for a gun and handed him money. He argued that anyone who is handed money for no reason would take it.


Florida woman Nancy Mullis started her day before sunrise at a market, where she picked some Raisinets off a shelf and walked out the front door, taunting staff by waving the bag at them as she strolled out. Her getaway wasn’t as sweet as she’d hoped, though. Mullis was given a trespass warning and a summons for theft. The Raisinets were returned to the store. But Mullis wasn’t done. A few hours later, she re-appeared at a Family Dollar store, where she began throwing items off the shelves and shouting that she was a god and was entitled to behave any way she wanted. After flipping over a cigarette display and a newspaper vending machine, Mullins was arrested on a disorderly conducted charge and taken to jail.

Oregon City police had to rescue a man who fell into the Willamette River. That’s not a big deal. Rivers are dangerous. It could happen to any of us. But this 31-year-old guy was high on drugs. And, naked. There, on the riverbank. And it was around 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The cops on the scene tried to talk to the guy, but he drifted into an unconscious state and plopped into the river. Luckily the boys in blue were able to make an emergency rescue with a marine unit and pull him into the boat and get him to a hospital


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