What a Rock

Not the rock she was hoping for – A lot of women would be thrilled to get a big, eye-catching rock as a birthday present, but not the ex-wife of a Quebec politician — who awoke to a 20-ton boulder dropped smack dab in the middle of her lawn! Dany Lariviere, the mayor of a small town in the province, used one of his construction company’s pieces of heavy equipment to bring the “gift” to ex-wife Isabelle Prevost — but not before painting it with the phrase, “This is for all you’re doing to me.” That, he said, was a reference to the legal fees he’s incurred during the couple’s divorce.

Speaking in tongues – A British teenager is going to great lengths to master a new language — well, her tongue is, at least. Rhiannon Brooksbank-Jones has been planning to move toSouth Koreaafter graduating from high school, but she recently discovered that she can’t master certain sounds in the language due to her unusually short tongue. Rather than pick a new path, she had surgery to lengthen her tongue by one centimeter.She says, “I think this will show real dedication. It will prove I’m not just going to drop out after a year.”

“Hey!  That’s not a fishing pole!!”  –  A man in Washington state is on the hook for indecent exposure charges after a group of his fellow fishermen turned him in for casting his line while stark naked. Dean Meginess was casually trolling for trout on a lake just outsideSpokane,Washington– with his bait and tackle in full view of a man who was fishing with his two young sons. He managed to pull on a pair of shorts before cops arrived, but they still chose to charge him because he’d racked up a previous conviction on a similar charge two years ago. The 54-year-old Meginess also had an outstanding warrant for stalking.

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