A "burst" of jail time

Delray Beach, Fla., police said they pulled over an orange and black Dodge Challenger with Ohio plates. Tiana Nicole Calandro, 21, was standing outside the vehicle “saying that she was in Delray Beach to buy narcotics, but hadn’t had any success.” An officer asked Calandro about a bulge in her chest pocket and she allegedly responded that the shape was her nipple.” The police report said the officer response was, “I advised her I knew what a nipple looked like and that wasn’t a nipple.”Calandro then allegedly pulled a “white round tablet” from her pocket and “quickly consumed it.” She was held in lieu of $3,000 bond.

starbursts-2When you get that craving for sweets it’s best to remember this story.  Police said Amarri C. Bowens, 22, was arrested for the 77th time when he allegedly stole a box of Starburst candy from a convenience store at the Addison Red Line station in Wrigleyville. The candy, which police recovered, is worth $29.89. For its alleged theft, and because it violates his parole, Bowens was jailed in lieu of $30,000 bail.

A Florida man had a close shave with the law after he walked into a Laundromat and treated himself to a shave – after dropping his pants on the way in.  Curtis Brown didn’t say a word to the customers in the Laundromat, but simply dropped trou, lathered up and started to shave –his beard. It wasn’t clear why the 52-year-old had to remove his slacks in order to get his cheeks smooth, but he wasn’t charged with indecent exposure, because he kept his jockey shorts on during the incident.  Brown was charged with trespassing – the second time he’d been nabbed for that offense in the same location.

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