A "burst" of jail time

Del­ray Beach, Fla., police said they pulled over an orange and black Dodge Chal­lenger with Ohio plates. Tiana Nicole Calan­dro, 21, was stand­ing out­side the vehi­cle “say­ing that she was in Del­ray Beach to buy nar­cotics, but hadn’t had any suc­cess.” An offi­cer asked Calan­dro about a bulge in her chest pocket and she allegedly responded that the shape was her nip­ple.” The police report said the offi­cer response was, “I advised her I knew what a nip­ple looked like and that wasn’t a nipple.”Calandro then allegedly pulled a “white round tablet” from her pocket and “quickly con­sumed it.” She was held in lieu of $3,000 bond.

starbursts-2When you get that crav­ing for sweets it’s best to remem­ber this story.  Police said Amarri C. Bowens, 22, was arrested for the 77th time when he allegedly stole a box of Star­burst candy from a con­ve­nience store at the Addi­son Red Line sta­tion in Wrigleyville. The candy, which police recov­ered, is worth $29.89. For its alleged theft, and because it vio­lates his parole, Bowens was jailed in lieu of $30,000 bail.

A Florida man had a close shave with the law after he walked into a Laun­dro­mat and treated him­self to a shave – after drop­ping his pants on the way in.  Cur­tis Brown didn’t say a word to the cus­tomers in the Laun­dro­mat, but sim­ply dropped trou, lath­ered up and started to shave –his beard. It wasn’t clear why the 52-year-old had to remove his slacks in order to get his cheeks smooth, but he wasn’t charged with inde­cent expo­sure, because he kept his jockey shorts on dur­ing the inci­dent.  Brown was charged with tres­pass­ing – the sec­ond time he’d been nabbed for that offense in the same location.

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