A bar of gold you won't want to get your hands on

Parents always worry when their child runs away but I can’t even imagine what this boy’s parents went gold barsthrough after finding out about this!  Their 16-year-old boy is miraculously alive after being stowed away in the wheel well of a flight from Santa Clara, California to Maui, Hawaii. The FBI believes the boy climbed into the wheel well of the plane without knowing where it was going, and survived the entire five-hour flight there despite frigid temperatures and an altitude of 38-thousand feet. When the plane landed, he climbed out and was spotted by security wandering around the tarmac. Authorities believe he was unconscious for most of the flight but is otherwise medically and physically alright. It is believed that the boy ran away from home after a fight with his family. He was released to child protective services and will not be charged with a crime.

Ean Bordeaux says he awoke early Friday morning to find his hot dog cart—which he runs for a living—in flames outside. He ran out to smother the fire and saw a man running away, so he called the police. Then the stranger returned, apparently to re-light the fire. Bordeaux tackled the man, who fell face-first on the pavement and later died. Bordeaux identified him right away as Todd Payne, a former police officer who served 20 years before being fired in 2010 for several violations, including fleeing the scene of a DUI crash, intimidating witnesses, and lying to superiors. What’s more, Bordeaux had written about Payne (and even called him “Creepy Todd”) on his blog. In fact, police say the two had worked in the same area and disagreed about things before. 

The patient exhibited symptoms of “acute intestinal obstruction.” And it turns out they were caused by something he ate. Pretty routine stuff, until doctors in India discovered that what he had eaten was a pound of gold!  The 63-year-old businessman is believed to have swallowed 12 small gold bars while in Singapore so he could smuggle them into India. The bars got lodged in his small intestine, and no amount of laxatives would budge them. That’s when he went to see a surgeon who says, “This is the first time I have recovered gold from the stomach of a patient.” The gold was worth about $20,000, but customs officials have confiscated it all.

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