A human leg and 2 full moons

fake legLocal police depart­ment when he waited four days to place a call inform­ing them that his dog had dragged home a human leg – which he sim­ply buried in his back­yard. Bill Flow­ers says that the leg, which appeared to be sev­ered just below the but­tocks, was in pretty good shape – other than the fact that it was no longer attached to its orig­i­nal owner. He quickly dis­posed of the limb and didn’t say any­thing about it until his daugh­ter came to visit and told him he really ought to con­tact author­i­ties. Flow­ers says he buried the leg because he was “afraid and didn’t want to have to go to the pen for some­thing [he] didn’t do.” Cops strapped a GPS to his dog, Lib­erty, and ended up find­ing more remains, which have yet to be identified.

Police are still not exactly sure what Richard Blanken­ship was try­ing to accom­plish by moon­ing peo­ple along side a road­way. Motorists called to report a man with a bare bot­tom stand­ing on a traf­fic median and yelling “strange things.” Accord­ing to a sec­ond caller, Blanken­ship was run­ning in and out of traf­fic and almost got clipped by a vehi­cle. Blanken­ship, 30, was booked into Fre­mont Jail Wednes­day night and released on Thurs­day after he slept and sobered up

A Cleve­land man learned a hard les­son about keep­ing it in his pants when he lost them alto­gether to the gun-wielding brother of a woman he’d been sex­ting with.  The vic­tim, whose name was not released, had been get­ting cyber-hot and cyber-heavy with the woman, who told him to come over for the real deal – but when she opened the door, she was with a man hold­ing a gun. The other man, who the vic­tim rec­og­nized as the hottie’s brother, told him to strip off his pants and hand over his car keys.  He did as told, and the man with the gun warned, “Leave before I change my mind and kill you.” The vic­tim ran down the street bot­tom­less and called cops from a nearby flower shop.

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