A little vitamin P proves urine sane!

A British woman claims to have found the fountain of youth, and says it flows directly from her own bladder, producing the pint of urine that she drinks every single day. Sylvia Chandler says she discovered the gold standard for staying healthy more than 2pee0 years ago, and ever since, she’s maintained that a day without pee-drinking is like a day without sunshine. She diluted her first glass with cranberry juice, but now she downs it neat three times a day. The 63-year-old says, “Drinking my own urine has kept me healthy and energized. And it helps me stay young – men are often surprised when I tell them my age.It tastes delicious – it’s a bit like water, but sweeter.”  Is it safe to say a glass of urine a day keeps the Dr.s away?  Probably any perspective boyfriends too!

Two Canadian men whose names were not released, were spotted circling a moose as it was swimming in a rural Ontario lake and preventing it from getting to the shore. The critter appeared to be in distress, so a witness called wildlife conservation officials to report the incident – which was caught on a videotape that showed one of the guys jumping onto its back from his speedboat. Moose are strictly protected in most Canadian provinces, so the men were fined $2,500 – and had their boat impounded until payment was made.

 Oklahoma man Charles Williams was charged with burglary for allegedly stealing from an area home. Police said the suspect broke into the home, took several items, and then used the bathroom before taking off.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Unfortunately for him he forgot his manners and didn’t flush.  So a used piece of toilet paper on the floor was found at the scene. Police matched DNA to Williams.


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