A little vitamin P proves urine sane!

A British woman claims to have found the foun­tain of youth, and says it flows directly from her own blad­der, pro­duc­ing the pint of urine that she drinks every sin­gle day. Sylvia Chan­dler says she dis­cov­ered the gold stan­dard for stay­ing healthy more than 2pee0 years ago, and ever since, she’s main­tained that a day with­out pee-drinking is like a day with­out sun­shine. She diluted her first glass with cran­berry juice, but now she downs it neat three times a day. The 63-year-old says, “Drink­ing my own urine has kept me healthy and ener­gized. And it helps me stay young – men are often sur­prised when I tell them my age.It tastes deli­cious – it’s a bit like water, but sweeter.”  Is it safe to say a glass of urine a day keeps the Dr.s away?  Prob­a­bly any per­spec­tive boyfriends too!

Two Cana­dian men whose names were not released, were spot­ted cir­cling a moose as it was swim­ming in a rural Ontario lake and pre­vent­ing it from get­ting to the shore. The crit­ter appeared to be in dis­tress, so a wit­ness called wildlife con­ser­va­tion offi­cials to report the inci­dent – which was caught on a video­tape that showed one of the guys jump­ing onto its back from his speed­boat. Moose are strictly pro­tected in most Cana­dian provinces, so the men were fined $2,500 – and had their boat impounded until pay­ment was made.

 Okla­homa man Charles Williams was charged with bur­glary for allegedly steal­ing from an area home. Police said the sus­pect broke into the home, took sev­eral items, and then used the bath­room before tak­ing off.  When you gotta go, you gotta go.  Unfor­tu­nately for him he for­got his man­ners and didn’t flush.  So a used piece of toi­let paper on the floor was found at the scene. Police matched DNA to Williams.


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