A shot to the head

Norma Jean Bren­nan decided to spend part of her 79th birth­day in self-administered dri­vers’ ed – with the help of her pas­tor, who was sit­ting in the pas­sen­ger seat. Rev­erend Kevin Hol­sap­ple says he was giv­ing Bren­nan some refresher tips when she got the ped­als mixed up and acci­den­tally hit the accel­er­a­tor, pro­pelling the car through the front win­dow of a Tar­get store! Well, they do have a bulls eye as their logo. They both received cita­tions– hers for dri­ving while license is sus­pended or revoked and his for allow­ing an unli­censed dri­ver to drive his Mer­cury. 

speargunA Brazil­ian man won’t have to go fish­ing for com­pli­ments about his tough­ness after this inci­dent. Bruno Bar­cel­los de Souza Coutinho was clean­ing the spear­gun after a fish­ing trip when it acci­den­tally went off and drove itself 12 inches into his skull – nearly com­ing out the back of his head! He didn’t go to a hos­pi­tal until his aunt insisted he go for help, and when he arrived in the E.R., he was described as “totally lucid” – with vir­tu­ally no brain impair­ment. The 34-year-old is in inten­sive care, hav­ing lost the sight in his left eye, but he’s expected to make a full recovery.

Juneem Barnes was tak­ing a nap when he heard noises in his house, but thought it was just his room­mate and some friends – until one of the teens entered his room, real­ized that it was occu­pied and bolted for the door! The boys had piled up the items they planned to steal, but ended up flee­ing empty handed, leav­ing behind a phone that had an entry for “Mom.” Barnes’ room­mate dialed that num­ber and reached the mother of the would-be thief, who told cops where to find the boys.

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