A special delivery package

The driver, who had pulled over in a downtown area of Orlando to look at her GPS, says a car jacker approached her Honda Civic and started talking to her, then whipped out a gun and ordered her out of the vehicle. Before speeding away, he handed her a pink-handled box-cutter and told her to take care of herself because she was in a dangerous neighborhood. She told authorities she was physically unharmed but admitted to being shaken up by the incident.  Geez, thanks man!

MAILMANA Scottish postal worker earned a dressing down from a judge after he was found guilty of standing outside his home to make a not-so-special delivery – by offering passing drivers a look at his package.  Several motorists complained after Andrew Thomson was spotted hanging out in his front yard wearing an oversized T-shirt – which he would lift to deliver the male, whether or not they were interested in seeing it. He claimed he had a pair of boxer shorts on, but Sheriff Fiona Tait said she believed the string of witnesses. Thomson avoided jail time because the judge determined he wasn’t a sexual threat.  Just a creepy naked dude.

A Washington state man really “meth”-ed up his chance at a not guilty verdict. Steven Todd Campbell went to the Cowlitz County courthouse for a hearing on his status and reached the metal detector at the entrance, where a guard told him he had to empty his pockets. Campbell did as he was told, depositing his possessions into the designated container, when the guard noticed an odd-looking glass pipe. The device was taken in for examination and found to contain residue from Campbell’s last meth binge – enough to get him tossed behind bars on yet another charge.

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