A swift kick in the glass

A Florida man got a real kick in the glass. Hoyt Adams returned to break into the house and ended up man falling through windowjumping on a bed with such force that he got thrown through a closed window. Adams bounced back and ran next door to dive through their front window, but heavy shutters prevented him from gaining entry – so, like the Big Bad Wolf, he picked a third home and crashed through a window into a bedroom where he smashed a flat screen television before cops arrived. He then admitted he was high on both Molly and synthetic pot.

A Washington state man is hoping to identify a burglar who broke into William Crockett’s home and stole a tablet computer and a chest containing his father’s ashes! A surveillance camera in Crockett’s bedroom captured the suspect on tape who happened to be dressed in drag. Even though he has an idea about the burglar’s identity, Crockett’s primary concern is getting the ashes back. The Crocketts are direct
descendants of American icon Davey Crockett and the chest containing the ashes was a piece of prized family memorabilia. What if it was just a realy ugly woman??
A crook in New York City showed just how well-“bread” he is by stealing a bakery truck. David Bastar sped off in a fully-stocked truck from Grimaldi’s Home of Bread and soon, he was on a roll – stopping at three restaurants listed on the delivery plan before throwing freshly-baked loaves out the window to surprised pedestrians. Bastar, who is said to be mentally unstable and in his tighty whities was taken to a psychiatric hospital for observation.

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