A toast to closing down the airport

burnt toastA Vermont airport was evacuated early Friday morning because an employee called in emergency services to investigate an odd smell. The situation drew multiple fire companies to the Burlington International Airport and forced passengers out of the terminal while an investigation was conducted. After checking the electrical systems and searching for suspicious packages, the firefighters discovered they could’ve just loafed around – since the whole situation was caused by some burnt toast. Passengers got to go back inside after a 30-minute delay.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department said a man called to report a naked dude had just jumped onto his truck! After being told to get out, the naked man then attempted to jump onto the back of a white van. Where he finally put on a pair of black sweat pants. Officers arrived and spotted Michael Copelad, 37, walking across the street with his pants pulled down exposing his rear end. Police said they discovered two baggies that belonged to Copeland and contained cocaine and marijuana.  The suspect, allegedly refused orders to get into the police van, so his ankles were bound and he was lifted into the vehicle.

Imagine it’s a Sunday night and you’re sound asleep dreaming of lord knows what and you’re awaken by a bullet in your shoulder.  That’s what happened to Heather Goutremount who lives below David White. White  told police he was “playing around” with the weapon and the gun simply discharged, and a bullet shot through the floor and into the apartment below.  Goutremont’s husband, Vincent also noted that their one-year-old child was sleeping six feet away from where the bullet hit his wife. White was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, along with marijuana possession and illegal possession of a prescription drug.

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