An explosive situation...

Secu­rity offi­cials at an Aus­tralian mall were pee­ing their pants when they evac­u­ated the shop­ping cen­ter adult diapersover a sus­pi­cious pack­age. Guards at the Pacific Fair mall cleared the premises and called in cops to inves­ti­gate after a woman was spot­ted plac­ing parcels in trash cans around the grounds. Guards pointed the woman out to offi­cers when they arrived on the scene, and after some ques­tion­ing, they deter­mined she was just look­ing for a place to dis­pose of her used adult dia­pers. It was deter­mined the pack­ages were nei­ther non-suspicious nor explo­sive. Although the owner may have thought oth­er­wise.
A school nurse in Florida was doing more than putting ban­dages on boo-boos and check­ing scalps for lice. Mar­ilee Boozer of Lake City, Florida, has been charged with theft and pos­ses­sion of a con­trolled sub­stance after a grand­mother sus­pected her of steal­ing her grandson’s Ritalin. She’s accus­ing Boozer of pock­et­ing the Ritalin and giv­ing her grand­son a dif­fer­ent type of med­ica­tion instead. In addi­tion to the drug charges, the par­ent wants the nurse charged with child endan­ger­ment. Do you ever won­der if a last name has an impact on who you become?
A Florida man was arrested when he pulled out more than his license after being detained at a traf­fic stop. Willie Flournoy was observed speed­ing down a road in Day­tona Beach before pulling over on his own and walk­ing towards a nearby res­i­dence. When an offi­cer asked him to return to his vehi­cle, in which a canine cop allegedly caught the scent of a con­trolled sub­stance, Flournoy stopped and said, “I don’t have any­thing … you want me to drop my pants?” Despite being warned not to, Flournoy unbut­toned, unzipped and unveiled an unwanted pack­age, an act that earned him an inde­cent expo­sure rap. He still denied that he was speed­ing … or even dri­ving the car in the first place.

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