An explosive situation...

Security officials at an Australian mall were peeing their pants when they evacuated the shopping center adult diapersover a suspicious package. Guards at the Pacific Fair mall cleared the premises and called in cops to investigate after a woman was spotted placing parcels in trash cans around the grounds. Guards pointed the woman out to officers when they arrived on the scene, and after some questioning, they determined she was just looking for a place to dispose of her used adult diapers. It was determined the packages were neither non-suspicious nor explosive. Although the owner may have thought otherwise.
A school nurse in Florida was doing more than putting bandages on boo-boos and checking scalps for lice. Marilee Boozer of Lake City, Florida, has been charged with theft and possession of a controlled substance after a grandmother suspected her of stealing her grandson’s Ritalin. She’s accusing Boozer of pocketing the Ritalin and giving her grandson a different type of medication instead. In addition to the drug charges, the parent wants the nurse charged with child endangerment. Do you ever wonder if a last name has an impact on who you become?
A Florida man was arrested when he pulled out more than his license after being detained at a traffic stop. Willie Flournoy was observed speeding down a road in Daytona Beach before pulling over on his own and walking towards a nearby residence. When an officer asked him to return to his vehicle, in which a canine cop allegedly caught the scent of a controlled substance, Flournoy stopped and said, “I don’t have anything … you want me to drop my pants?” Despite being warned not to, Flournoy unbuttoned, unzipped and unveiled an unwanted package, an act that earned him an indecent exposure rap. He still denied that he was speeding … or even driving the car in the first place.

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