An un-merited badge

A Papa John’s pizza deliv­ery­man who did not want to be iden­ti­fied, pulled up to the home, got out of his vehi­cle, and was approached by two armed young men. Accord­ing the police report, the gun­men pointed revolvers at the dri­ver and told him to, “Give it up,” refer­ring to his car. One assailant hit the deliv­ery­man in the head with a gun before the sus­pects fled with the vehi­cle. The vic­tim fin­ished the pizza deliv­ery and then ran to get help. Now that’s cus­tomer ser­vice!

Merit-Badge_0004aA Florida man had bet­ter “be pre­pared” to spend some time behind bars after he was arrested for approach­ing women and ask­ing him if he could suck their toes – in order to earn a Boy Scout merit badge!  Regi­nald Cruz was busted after ask­ing a girl if he could fon­dle her feet, only to have her run off to tell her mother what had hap­pened – lead­ing to a ques­tion­ing by cops. He told them he’s tried out a few dif­fer­ent lines in his attempts to break into shoe biz – most recently claim­ing to be a med­ical stu­dent con­duct­ing an experiment

Cops were called after Michael Joseph Silec­chia began scream­ing unin­tel­li­gi­bly about God on the Uni­ver­sity of Florida cam­pus, then stripped off his clothes before get­ting really weird.  That’s when he began  wan­der­ing around the street nude while high on LSD, plead­ing with peo­ple not to cut off his man­hood, then beg­ging the same peo­ple to do exactly that. When he greeted one of the respond­ing offi­cers with a punch in the head, the man was tased sev­eral times, but the stun gun appeared to have lit­tle effect on him. He was taken to a hos­pi­tal for med­ical eval­u­a­tion and charged with sev­eral offenses – includ­ing spit­ting on med­ical per­son­nel when he arrived.


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