An un-merited badge

A Papa John’s pizza deliveryman who did not want to be identified, pulled up to the home, got out of his vehicle, and was approached by two armed young men. According the police report, the gunmen pointed revolvers at the driver and told him to, “Give it up,” referring to his car. One assailant hit the deliveryman in the head with a gun before the suspects fled with the vehicle. The victim finished the pizza delivery and then ran to get help. Now that’s customer service!

Merit-Badge_0004aA Florida man had better “be prepared” to spend some time behind bars after he was arrested for approaching women and asking him if he could suck their toes – in order to earn a Boy Scout merit badge!  Reginald Cruz was busted after asking a girl if he could fondle her feet, only to have her run off to tell her mother what had happened – leading to a questioning by cops. He told them he’s tried out a few different lines in his attempts to break into shoe biz – most recently claiming to be a medical student conducting an experiment

Cops were called after Michael Joseph Silecchia began screaming unintelligibly about God on the University of Florida campus, then stripped off his clothes before getting really weird.  That’s when he began  wandering around the street nude while high on LSD, pleading with people not to cut off his manhood, then begging the same people to do exactly that. When he greeted one of the responding officers with a punch in the head, the man was tased several times, but the stun gun appeared to have little effect on him. He was taken to a hospital for medical evaluation and charged with several offenses – including spitting on medical personnel when he arrived.


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