Are you a broke?

Who isn’t after the hol­i­days? We are too but these are some good invest­ments to make in January!

  • Remod­el­ing. peo­ple get remod­el­ing done in the fall and leave con­trac­tors scram­bling for work in Jan­u­ary. That means prices may be lower, espe­cially when you get mul­ti­ple quotes, and mate­ri­als may be cheaper.
  • Houses. Few peo­ple want to look at homes in the freez­ing cold or when the yard looks bar­ren – which is why you should. There are fewer bid­ding wars and more des­per­ate sell­ers: If they wanted bet­ter prices, they’d hold out for good weather.
  • Vaca­tions. This is another big expense most peo­ple can’t afford to think about in Jan­u­ary, and many don’t want to travel again so soon after deal­ing with hec­tic air­ports for the hol­i­days. But front­load­ing your vaca­tion can save money, espe­cially in the places like Vegas. Air­fares and hotel prices are down from their hol­i­day highs and may be even lower because of large vacan­cies, which lead to more pro­mo­tions and pack­age deals.
  • Patio fur­ni­ture and grills. Once again, the weather is a big fac­tor in scor­ing deals. January’s not a fun time to lounge by the pool or hold a bar­be­cue, so you’ll see fur­ni­ture sets and burger-makers on sale.
  • Out­door gear. The same goes for most sport­ing goods and out­door gear, unless it’s for win­ter sports like ski­ing. Camp­ing equip­ment is cheap­est when the bears are hiber­nat­ing, and moun­tain bikes are price-capped when the moun­tains are snow-capped.
  • Jew­elry. Retail­ers start mak­ing room for new stock after the hol­i­days and in time for Valentine’s Day – which is when prices will shoot up. Early Jan­u­ary is a great time to save on a Valentine’s gift.
  • Elec­tron­ics. One of the biggest con­sumer elec­tron­ics trade shows hap­pens in Jan­u­ary, and that’s when a lot of brands show off new mod­els that will be out later in the year. This is when retail­ers real­ize they still have a lot of last year’s model in stock and start cut­ting prices.
  • Air con­di­tion­ers. The hol­i­days might roman­ti­cize icy tem­per­a­tures, but by the time Jan­u­ary rolls around, the last thing peo­ple want is chilly air. Decem­ber is the best time to make energy-efficiency invest­ments so you can get the tax credit a few months later, but demand and prices are still down in January.

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