Are you happy to see me...or is that a PBR?

Mary Frances Alday became enraged when a cashier informed her that store pol­icy forced her to decline the coupon because it was printed off an online site. Alday allegedly started curs­ing out the employee, then struck her with a shop­ping cart before being escorted to the park­ing lot – where she told the man­ager, “I have some­thing in my car for you.” Alday then pulled out a loaded .38 cal­iber revolver and sped off, only to be pulled over by cops who tried to dis­arm her. Alday refused, telling them, “You are not tak­ing my gun” … a state­ment that she soon found to be untrue. She’s cur­rently await­ing trial on four counts of assault.

Offi­cers were called to a resort to inves­ti­gate reports that drunken kids were smash­ing bot­tles on the prop­erty. When they arrived, they nabbed Chris Bren­nan in the act and tossed him in the cruiser, where he began thrash­ing around and bash­ing his head on the win­dow and the divider between front and back seats. Bren­nan began scream­ing at the offi­cer who’d cuffed him and threat­ened to pee every­where – a threat he fol­lowed through on, wet­ting down the seats, the cop’s cell phone, per­sonal prop­erty and even his meal.

stuffed pantsA Mass con­ve­nience store employee watched Jonathan Scull stick 2 cans of Pabst Blue Rib­bon into his trousers and fol­lowed him out­side, where she asked him about the bulge around his ankle –which he said was part of his man­hood. When she laughed off the notion, he reached down, grabbed the can and lobbed it at her head. Cops caught up with Scull near his home where & was handcuffed.

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