At least he had socks on....

A Florida man proved you don’t have to be a lawyer to be an ambulance chaser – by running after one of AMBULANCE CHASERthe emergency vehicles and hopping on the bumper to get a ride. Timothy Torfonz Baker, who slipped out of his pants at some point during the trek, was arrested after he hopped off the ambulance and ran to block its path, naked from the waist down and reeking of alcohol. Cops, who described Baker as rambling incoherently about an altercation he’d been in, found a bag of marijuana rolled up in his sock and arrested him on drug charges. Oh good, at least he had socks on.

60 students, who are all set to graduate in June, allegedly broke into Teaneck High School and ransacked the building. Students turned over desks, releasing water balloons, putting Vaseline on doorknobs and urinated on floors!  Police arrived at the school after an alarm was set off at 2:30 in the morning. They found some students hiding in the building while others tried to make a run for it. They told cops it was just a senior prank, but many of them will likely be facing criminal mischief and burglary charges.

West Virginia man Gregory Allen Horner was arrested the first time while police were responding to a call about someone using a fake prescription for Xanax at a Rite Aid pharmacy. While police were at the pharmacy investigating Horner walked in with another fake prescription.  After being arrested for forging a prescription, Horner posted bond and was released. Only a few hours later, police then were called to Horner’s home for a domestic dispute and arrested him again for domestic battery after his wife filed for a protective order. Horner posted bond, returned to the home that evening and was arrested again for violating the protective order. After his third arrest in seven hours, Horner was arraigned and immediately sentenced to a mandatory 10 days in jail.

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