Awkward hand positioning

Hand to ankleA Chinese man who severed his hand in a work accident last month has finally had it re-attached to his arm. But wait a minute. If it wasn’t attached for an entire month, where was it? Not in a freezer. Not in a Ziploc bag. Doctors weren’t able to perform the re-attachment surgery right away because other procedures had to be done first. So in the meantime, in order to keep the detached hand alive, doctors grafted it onto his ankle. That means for a month the patient actually had a hand attached to his ankle. Must have made it easier for him to pull up his socks and tie his shoes. Doctors say they had no other choice. It was the only way to keep the hand alive.

Cops were called to a home in South Carolina after three women tried to deck each other in a fight over decking the halls. The tinsel terror started when one of the women came home from work to find that the other two had decorated the family Christmas tree while she was out – and she wasn’t thrilled with the results. According to the police report, Joyce Belcher, Patricia Wright and Kimberly Tucker started screaming at each other, alerting a male family member to come in and defuse the situation – which he couldn’t do, and ended up calling cops. None of the women opted to press charges, so the officers left the scene, but not before summoning paramedics to attend to the eldest of the bunch, who was complaining of chest pains.

Twenty-one-year-old Joseph Ramos was arrested Dec. 11 when he was stopped for driving a vehicle that was stolen during the burglary. Various items from the home were inside the vehicle. When Ramos was being booked into jail, he stepped on the SecurPass X-ray machine and a dark spot popped up.  Showing evidence that Ramos also had stolen two necklaces! He underwent surgery to remove them. The owner later
identified the items.

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