Awkward hand positioning

Hand to ankleA Chi­nese man who sev­ered his hand in a work acci­dent last month has finally had it re-attached to his arm. But wait a minute. If it wasn’t attached for an entire month, where was it? Not in a freezer. Not in a Ziploc bag. Doc­tors weren’t able to per­form the re-attachment surgery right away because other pro­ce­dures had to be done first. So in the mean­time, in order to keep the detached hand alive, doc­tors grafted it onto his ankle. That means for a month the patient actu­ally had a hand attached to his ankle. Must have made it eas­ier for him to pull up his socks and tie his shoes. Doc­tors say they had no other choice. It was the only way to keep the hand alive.

Cops were called to a home in South Car­olina after three women tried to deck each other in a fight over deck­ing the halls. The tin­sel ter­ror started when one of the women came home from work to find that the other two had dec­o­rated the fam­ily Christ­mas tree while she was out – and she wasn’t thrilled with the results. Accord­ing to the police report, Joyce Belcher, Patri­cia Wright and Kim­berly Tucker started scream­ing at each other, alert­ing a male fam­ily mem­ber to come in and defuse the sit­u­a­tion – which he couldn’t do, and ended up call­ing cops. None of the women opted to press charges, so the offi­cers left the scene, but not before sum­mon­ing para­medics to attend to the eldest of the bunch, who was com­plain­ing of chest pains.

Twenty-one-year-old Joseph Ramos was arrested Dec. 11 when he was stopped for dri­ving a vehi­cle that was stolen dur­ing the bur­glary. Var­i­ous items from the home were inside the vehi­cle. When Ramos was being booked into jail, he stepped on the Secur­Pass X-ray machine and a dark spot popped up.  Show­ing evi­dence that Ramos also had stolen two neck­laces! He under­went surgery to remove them. The owner later
iden­ti­fied the items.

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