Baaaddd customer service

An employee at a Dutch shoe store hoofed it out the door after things got wild and woolly – thanks to a sheep shoesflock of sheep that forced their way inside and chased her around.  The crit­ters crashed the store after escap­ing from their owner, who was herd­ing them into town for an exhi­bi­tion.  The clerk was so stunned that she hid behind a cus­tomer before flee­ing in “shear” panic. The sheep only clogged up the shoe store’s aisles for a few min­utes before giv­ing cops the slip and rejoin­ing their flock.

Bjorn Frilund reeled in a rather large cod and noticed the fish’s stom­ach was mis­shapen, so he decided to have a look inside – where he found a bright orange adult toy. Frilund said he’d never had any­thing quite so x-rated turn up in his catch, and spec­u­lated that it might’ve been tossed into the drink by some­one on a cruise ship.  He said, “Fish eat all kinds of dif­fer­ent things. And the [toy] looks like what the fish eat.”

Call­ing cus­tomer ser­vice for help with your lap­top is gen­er­ally a fine idea, but maybe not if you stole it. Police in New Hamp­shire say they made an arrest and recov­ered a com­puter stolen in Feb­ru­ary 2013 thanks to that very sce­nario.   The break came when Apple emailed the orig­i­nal owner and thanked him for call­ing cus­tomer ser­vice. Except he hadn’t.  Some­one else had done so, using the laptop’s ser­ial num­ber as a ref­er­ence. “It then took us a while to track down the indi­vid­ual who made the phone call, but ulti­mately they had enough evi­dence to charge him and recover the com­puter,” says a detec­tive. It might be “the only exam­ple of when a bro­ken com­puter is a good thing.”

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