Baaaddd customer service

An employee at a Dutch shoe store hoofed it out the door after things got wild and woolly – thanks to a sheep shoesflock of sheep that forced their way inside and chased her around.  The critters crashed the store after escaping from their owner, who was herding them into town for an exhibition.  The clerk was so stunned that she hid behind a customer before fleeing in “shear” panic. The sheep only clogged up the shoe store’s aisles for a few minutes before giving cops the slip and rejoining their flock.

Bjorn Frilund reeled in a rather large cod and noticed the fish’s stomach was misshapen, so he decided to have a look inside – where he found a bright orange adult toy. Frilund said he’d never had anything quite so x-rated turn up in his catch, and speculated that it might’ve been tossed into the drink by someone on a cruise ship.  He said, “Fish eat all kinds of different things. And the [toy] looks like what the fish eat.”

Calling customer service for help with your laptop is generally a fine idea, but maybe not if you stole it. Police in New Hampshire say they made an arrest and recovered a computer stolen in February 2013 thanks to that very scenario.   The break came when Apple emailed the original owner and thanked him for calling customer service. Except he hadn’t.  Someone else had done so, using the laptop’s serial number as a reference. “It then took us a while to track down the individual who made the phone call, but ultimately they had enough evidence to charge him and recover the computer,” says a detective. It might be “the only example of when a broken computer is a good thing.”

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