Bad Credit "unzipped"

credit card underpantsA Florida man is facing burglary charges after he revealed too much to police by forgetting his right to zip his pants.  Officers spotted Antwan Mayes walking around the parking lot of a gym and peeking into the windows of various cars, jiggling the locks of some of them. They followed his SUV from the premises and pulled him over, discovering he had a light fixture stolen from a car at another gym, several smartphones, jewelry, foreign money, and some mail from a house robbery.  They also noticed something strange about his pants which came undone during questioning and exposed…a stack of stolen credit cards.  One of the deputies noted, “I could see [the cards] sticking out of the front slit of his underwear.”  

Melbourne, FL police said they responded to an alarm at the CVS Pharmacy. When they’d arrived they immediately heard noises and then it seemed their questions were answered from above when the burglar Alex McBride fell from the ceiling!  Burglary tools & stolen prescriptions in his possession.  Sgt. Sheridan Shelley said, “When they fall into your hands like that, it’s rare.” McBride, was arrested on a burglary charge. And he was out on probation for an earlier conviction,

Arizona man James Valenzuela got hot under the collar after seeing an ad for an evening of male burlesque hanging on the wall of his local watering hole, so he whipped out his lighter and set it ablaze. Valenzuela allegedly bolted from the establishment, hopped a fence and watched as the flames spread, causing about $2000 in damages. He told police that he torched the poster because it was showing men with their shirts off and he did not like that.

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