Bad dog!

The first time baby Rahul went up in flames, at just nine days old, India vil­lagers thought his mother set him on fire delib­er­ately!  She and her fam­ily were ostra­cized, but worse, the mom found her baby burn­ing three more times. Doc­tors say he suf­fers from spon­ta­neous human com­bus­tion and they keep a bucket of water and a fire extin­guisher near his bed at all times!  The head of pedi­atrics at the hos­pi­tal says “We researched online and found that over the past 300 years, 200 such cases were reported.”

stuffed huskyAn Idaho man was hauled off by cops after he got a lit­tle frisky — with his pet cat! Ryan Tan­nen­holz, a self-described “furry” who gets groovy when in the pres­ence of other species, was charged with six counts of crimes against nature for repeat­edly let­ting the cat get his tongue among other body parts. Though a police spokesper­son could not divulge how the depart­ment became aware of the crimes, she said the case is “def­i­nitely unusual.” Tan­nen­holz, who often dresses up as a Siber­ian husky dur­ing his out­ings, faces up to five years in prison for each of the felony counts that lit­ter his rap sheet.

James Patrick Andrews tried mak­ing a with­drawal from the ATM out­side of his bank branch, but found out he didn’t have any cash avail­able. When he asked a live teller about the sit­u­a­tion she clar­i­fied that he was indeed broke.  At this point he whipped out a note demand­ing a thou­sand bucks. She handed over the cash and Andrews climbed into a pass­ing car to flee the scene. Offi­cers pulled that car over later that day, but it was being dri­ven by a woman who had no clue what had hap­pened. Her boyfriend admit­ted to giv­ing Andrews a ride but insisted he had no idea the guy had robbed the bank in the course of his errands.

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