Bad dog!

The first time baby Rahul went up in flames, at just nine days old, India villagers thought his mother set him on fire deliberately!  She and her family were ostracized, but worse, the mom found her baby burning three more times. Doctors say he suffers from spontaneous human combustion and they keep a bucket of water and a fire extinguisher near his bed at all times!  The head of pediatrics at the hospital says “We researched online and found that over the past 300 years, 200 such cases were reported.”

stuffed huskyAn Idaho man was hauled off by cops after he got a little frisky — with his pet cat! Ryan Tannenholz, a self-described “furry” who gets groovy when in the presence of other species, was charged with six counts of crimes against nature for repeatedly letting the cat get his tongue among other body parts. Though a police spokesperson could not divulge how the department became aware of the crimes, she said the case is “definitely unusual.” Tannenholz, who often dresses up as a Siberian husky during his outings, faces up to five years in prison for each of the felony counts that litter his rap sheet.

James Patrick Andrews tried making a withdrawal from the ATM outside of his bank branch, but found out he didn’t have any cash available. When he asked a live teller about the situation she clarified that he was indeed broke.  At this point he whipped out a note demanding a thousand bucks. She handed over the cash and Andrews climbed into a passing car to flee the scene. Officers pulled that car over later that day, but it was being driven by a woman who had no clue what had happened. Her boyfriend admitted to giving Andrews a ride but insisted he had no idea the guy had robbed the bank in the course of his errands.

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