Bar bed

The dispute in PA started when a bartender refused to serve two men because one was underage and the other had already had enough to drink. The men, whose names were not released, left, but returned a short time later to throw a dead groundhog through the front door  and topped that off with a rotting bird!  Brookville police chief Ken Dworek told the Associated Press that such events are common in town, such as when “a guy will get in an argument and put a dead squirrel on his girlfriend’s doorknob.”

Ocala, FL Police say a woman took a 46-inch Sony flat screen TV from the Walmart in Ocala and then had the gall to return later in the day wearing different clothing.  She then attempted to leave the store with another 50-inch TV! Police said when a loss prevention officer confronted the woman she attacked him with her feet, elbows and fingernails, leading him to give up trying to detain her. Police said they were trying to identify the woman from surveillance camera footage.

Investigators in Palma, Spain said they responded to a call and discovered a 50-year-old man had broken a window with a bar stool and ransacked the bar.  And because ransacking a bar is very laborious work, he passed out on a couch!  Police found several cellphones, credit cards, lipsticks and make-up cases on the man’s body. “I was so drunk I don’t know what I was doing,” police quoted the man as saying. “I’ve got no idea how I ended up sleeping on that couch.”

Drunk in Bar

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