Black tea teeth

An elderly man was hospitalized after spending more than an hour trapped at the bottom of a deep toilet pit at a Georgia park.  The man apparently fell in after standing on the toilet instead of sitting. The poor guy was trapped for about 70 minutes, as it took some time for family members to become concerned and park representatives had to be summoned to unlock the door. The spokeswoman said the man was “covered in mess and scraped up.” He was taken to Murray Medical Center in Chatsworth.

Black teethTea: It’s good for you, but only if you don’t drink too much of it. And by “too much of it,” we mean a pitcher made with 100 to 150 tea bags. That’s how much a Detroit woman drank each day, and doctors eventually realized that her years of back, arm, leg, and hip pains were caused by the tea habit, according to the New England Journal of Medicine. It seems the high level of fluoride—brewed tea has a bunch—was to blame, the Detroit Free Press explains. It caused a bone disease known as skeletal fluorosis, and also made her teeth brittle. They all had to be removed. After counseling, the woman is no longer drinking tea and is doing better.

Graciela Ayala told cops she just wanted to have one last beer before surrendering, a plan that went south when she and her traveling companion decided to make that six brewskis – which they stole from a convenience store before peeling out in a hot pink Crown Victoria. Local deputies quickly got on her trail, as did a police helicopter, but she kept driving – broad siding at least one innocent bystander’s car in the process. Eventually, one cop car rammed Ayala’s vehicle, spinning it around and bringing her to her senses – long enough to drive into the jail’s parking lot, where she was cuffed.

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