Blow hole explosion!

apartment explosionA German man who was just unpacking in his new residence, spotted a hole in his air mattress and decided to patch it with some sealant –without reading the warning that the stuff was flammable. When he turned on his vacuum to inflate the bed, a spark hit the patch of sealant and blew him across the room, blasting the windows out of the room in the process!  The tenant escaped with minor cuts and bruises, but could still be taken to court for causing the explosion.

A Philadelphia woman has turned up alive nearly two weeks after her family held a funeral and burial for her!  The woman, 50-year-old Sharolyn Jackson showed up at a mental health facility last Friday. A body found July 20 on a Philadelphia street had been identified as Jackson. A spokesman for the Philadelphia Health Department says Jackson’s son and a social worker who knows her viewed pictures of the body and identified it as being hers. Services for Jackson were held Aug. 3. The now-buried body will be exhumed in hopes of correctly identifying the remains.

Luis Enrique Rodriguez went on a vandalism spree at a surfing tournament putting the finishing touch on his work by painting some “porky” slang on the side of a police cruiser. The Huntington Beach police posted a surveillance photo on facebook showing Rodriguez in the act of defacing the car, and asked for help in identifying the perp.  Rodriquez accepted the friend request from the new account and led the police straight to his door.

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