Blow hole explosion!

apartment explosionA Ger­man man who was just unpack­ing in his new res­i­dence, spot­ted a hole in his air mat­tress and decided to patch it with some sealant –with­out read­ing the warn­ing that the stuff was flam­ma­ble. When he turned on his vac­uum to inflate the bed, a spark hit the patch of sealant and blew him across the room, blast­ing the win­dows out of the room in the process!  The ten­ant escaped with minor cuts and bruises, but could still be taken to court for caus­ing the explosion.

A Philadel­phia woman has turned up alive nearly two weeks after her fam­ily held a funeral and bur­ial for her!  The woman, 50-year-old Sharolyn Jack­son showed up at a men­tal health facil­ity last Fri­day. A body found July 20 on a Philadel­phia street had been iden­ti­fied as Jack­son. A spokesman for the Philadel­phia Health Depart­ment says Jackson’s son and a social worker who knows her viewed pic­tures of the body and iden­ti­fied it as being hers. Ser­vices for Jack­son were held Aug. 3. The now-buried body will be exhumed in hopes of cor­rectly iden­ti­fy­ing the remains.

Luis Enrique Rodriguez went on a van­dal­ism spree at a surf­ing tour­na­ment putting the fin­ish­ing touch on his work by paint­ing some “porky” slang on the side of a police cruiser. The Hunt­ing­ton Beach police posted a sur­veil­lance photo on face­book show­ing Rodriguez in the act of defac­ing the car, and asked for help in iden­ti­fy­ing the perp.  Rodriquez accepted the friend request from the new account and led the police straight to his door.

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