Bomb Squad Squid

David Ranta, was released after 23 years from prison, once a review of his murder case strongly suggested police had framed him in the high-profile murder of a rabbi.  So, he went home and had a delicious steak dinner with his family…and had a heart attack.

bomb-in-squidSome Chinese fishermen almost ended up serving up some prematurely fried calamari when they brought their haul into a market – only to find they’d reeled in a squid that had eaten a live bomb – which could have detonated any moment if handled improperly! The bomb in question reportedly weighed in at around three pounds and looked similar to an eggplant (or a bomb). After the shop owner called authorities about the bomb’s discovery, it was promptly taken away and police performed a controlled detonation.

Georgia man Toumua Lor was busted after a deputy on a routine patrol spotted him parked at a gas pump outside a Wal-Mart taking advantage of the self serve sign. Yikes. The cop ordered him to stop keeping his hands to himself and instead place them on the steering wheel while he searched the car.  The search turned up a plastic baggie and a clear smoking pipe, both containing methamphetamine.  Lor was charged with indecent exposure and drug possession.

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