Calamari with a chewy twist

A woman in China who thought her order of calamari was a little too rubbery discovered there was a good calamarireason for that feeling – after she spit out a bite and found she was chewing a condom! Mai Liang says, “It was disgusting!” When she called the restaurant manager over to complain, the other woman accused her of planting a rubber she’d brought from home, and an argument ensued. When Liang said she planned to go to authorities over the matter, manager Yi Ze Teng snatched the device from her and ate the rest of it herself to get rid of the evidence. Liang still plans to contact a lawyer.

Robert Souza pulled a stick-up at a BB & T Bank and fled the scene, leaving tellers to call 911 with a description of “a bearded man wearing a long-sleeved dark shirt and dark pants.” Souza hailed a cab to aid his escape, and as soon as he climbed in, he began changing his clothes, then pulled out a razor to get rid of his facial hair to avoid detection. His plan didn’t work very well, since officers got a bead on the taxi and nabbed Souza – who left large patches of beard behind and smelled strongly of aftershave and deceit.

A North Carolina man is feeling pretty dopey after calling 911 to report that he’d been robbed at gunpoint – only to admit that he was actually just feeling ripped off by his drug dealer. Dakota Buchanan phoned cops to say that two men had pulled a shotgun and stolen nearly $600 from him in the parking lot of a Walmart. When pressed for details, Buchanan began to unravel, and confessed that he’d actually arranged the meeting in order to buy pills – but instead of being given the narcotics, Buchanan was handed a bottle of BB pellets. The dishonest dealers were taken into custody, as was Buchanan, who admitted firing his own gun at them after a high-speed chase.

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