Canine Collision Course

Talk about junk in the trunk!  A pub­lic safety offi­cer check­ing asus­pi­cious car parked behind a south­west­ern Michi­gan motel got more than a lit­tle sur­prise! The dri­ver told the Kala­ma­zoo offi­cer David Miller that he hit the deer on the road, thought he had killed it and was tak­ing it home for his fam­ily to eat. Squad car dash­board cam­era footage shows Miller open­ing the trunk, and then quickly try­ing to close it as the dear tried to bolt!  The ani­mal escaped from the trunk, rear first, stum­bles and rolls, then dashes off into the woods!

dog driverWest York Police said they responded to a call about a man being struck by a car. The unlucky man tried to attempt to stop the car before it hit a parked truck but was unsuc­cess­ful and ended up pinched between the vehi­cles. He then struck his head, fell to the ground and was uncon­scious for a time! Offi­cers showed up and found a dog had been left unat­tended inside the run­ning car and man­aged to knock it into gear.

Deputies paid Gary Alan Pock­randt a visit after two phone calls to 911 in which he com­plained his phone wasn’t work­ing. He was arrested after his third and final call, when he said that his drug dealer was mad at him! Accord­ing to police, Gary smashed his phone on the ground (we’re guess­ing in a sad attempt to throw a fit) before being arrested. The arrest report states, “This was a new phone so it is believed it only dials 911 until it is acti­vated, which [Pock­randt] could not do in his intox­i­cated state of being.” He was arrested on a mis­use of 911 charges and jailed in lieu of $150 bail.  No word on if he and his dealer are on talk­ing terms again.

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