Canine Collision Course

Talk about junk in the trunk!  A public safety officer checking asuspicious car parked behind a southwestern Michigan motel got more than a little surprise! The driver told the Kalamazoo officer David Miller that he hit the deer on the road, thought he had killed it and was taking it home for his family to eat. Squad car dashboard camera footage shows Miller opening the trunk, and then quickly trying to close it as the dear tried to bolt!  The animal escaped from the trunk, rear first, stumbles and rolls, then dashes off into the woods!

dog driverWest York Police said they responded to a call about a man being struck by a car. The unlucky man tried to attempt to stop the car before it hit a parked truck but was unsuccessful and ended up pinched between the vehicles. He then struck his head, fell to the ground and was unconscious for a time! Officers showed up and found a dog had been left unattended inside the running car and managed to knock it into gear.

Deputies paid Gary Alan Pockrandt a visit after two phone calls to 911 in which he complained his phone wasn’t working. He was arrested after his third and final call, when he said that his drug dealer was mad at him! According to police, Gary smashed his phone on the ground (we’re guessing in a sad attempt to throw a fit) before being arrested. The arrest report states, “This was a new phone so it is believed it only dials 911 until it is activated, which [Pockrandt] could not do in his intoxicated state of being.” He was arrested on a misuse of 911 charges and jailed in lieu of $150 bail.  No word on if he and his dealer are on talking terms again.

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