Burning desire goes up in flames

Firefighters say a British man was preparing a special surprise for his girlfriend, who was returning home after spending a heart-on-firemonth abroad. He put a bottle of champagne on ice, some flowers scattered around the bedroom and his girlfriend’s name spelled out with small candles on the floor. While he anxiously waited by the front door for her to arrive, the small candles set fire to the carpeted floor and bedroom went up in flames! The rest of the house suffered smoke damage. Luckily, he had taken a photo of the bedroom before the fire broke out so he could still get credit for his romantic intentions. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? So much for fueling the flames of desire!



Colorado convict Ray Wolfe says he was eating his beef stroganoff when he lifted a forkful and saw a long dark hair mixed in with the gravy – which made him think someone in the kitchen was “messing” with him. He demanded a different tray, leading a guard to question the inmates assigned to food duty about the incident. They all denied wrongdoing. On the other hand, surveillance video seems to show Wolfe placing hair on the plate himself! Wolfe now faces a trial on charges including tampering with physical evidence and false reporting – which could extend his current sentence by a full 24 years.
McDonald’s customers have found some unusual items inside their food over the years, from a dead rat and Band-Aids to nails and a chicken head. But this might be the first time a customer’s been served a sandwich filled with hate. A North Carolina woman opened up her chicken sandwich and found a Nazi swastika drawn in butter on the inside of her bun. Charleigh Matice says she was offended by what she saw and brought it back to counter where employees offered to replace it. Matice says she had no appetite at that point and asked for her money back. The restaurant has since fired the employee.



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