Burning desire goes up in flames

Fire­fight­ers say a British man was prepar­ing a spe­cial sur­prise for his girl­friend, who was return­ing home after spend­ing a heart-on-firemonth abroad. He put a bot­tle of cham­pagne on ice, some flow­ers scat­tered around the bed­room and his girlfriend’s name spelled out with small can­dles on the floor. While he anx­iously waited by the front door for her to arrive, the small can­dles set fire to the car­peted floor and bed­room went up in flames! The rest of the house suf­fered smoke dam­age. Luck­ily, he had taken a photo of the bed­room before the fire broke out so he could still get credit for his roman­tic inten­tions. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right? So much for fuel­ing the flames of desire!



Col­orado con­vict Ray Wolfe says he was eat­ing his beef stroganoff when he lifted a fork­ful and saw a long dark hair mixed in with the gravy – which made him think some­one in the kitchen was “mess­ing” with him. He demanded a dif­fer­ent tray, lead­ing a guard to ques­tion the inmates assigned to food duty about the inci­dent. They all denied wrong­do­ing. On the other hand, sur­veil­lance video seems to show Wolfe plac­ing hair on the plate him­self! Wolfe now faces a trial on charges includ­ing tam­per­ing with phys­i­cal evi­dence and false report­ing – which could extend his cur­rent sen­tence by a full 24 years.
McDonald’s cus­tomers have found some unusual items inside their food over the years, from a dead rat and Band-Aids to nails and a chicken head. But this might be the first time a customer’s been served a sand­wich filled with hate. A North Car­olina woman opened up her chicken sand­wich and found a Nazi swastika drawn in but­ter on the inside of her bun. Charleigh Mat­ice says she was offended by what she saw and brought it back to counter where employ­ees offered to replace it. Mat­ice says she had no appetite at that point and asked for her money back. The restau­rant has since fired the employee.



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