Cat vomit or Grape Nuts?

The offi­cer who took Jimmy Whipple’s report about hav­ing his firearm stolen entered the infor­ma­tion into the sys­tem, which raised a red flag when Whipple’s name came up on the no-gun list. A deputy went out to Whipple’s home to have a dis­cus­sion about the mat­ter and found the 47-year-old on the scene, along with sev­eral half-smoked joints, assorted drug para­pher­na­lia, and a bot­tle of illic­itly obtained pre­scrip­tion painkillers. Cops then squeezed Whip­ple on sev­eral felony counts.

Dar­ius Stacy walked into a con­ve­nience store and grabbed a pack of cig­a­r­il­los and a beer, which he cracked open and took a sip, then emp­tied over the clerk’s head!  After leav­ing the premises briefly, Stacy returned, ate some mini-tacos from a dis­play and treated him­self to another brewski before the employee called cops. When a deputy arrived on the scene, Stacy let loose a string of obscen­i­ties and then kicked the offi­cer in the face – earn­ing him­self a jolt from the officer’s taser, as well as a list of charges includ­ing lar­ceny, bat­tery and prop­erty damage.

cat vomitDur­ing a live broad­cast, Con­necti­cut weath­er­man WFSB-TV, Hart­ford, Scot Haney picked up what he and his fel­low anchors believed to be Grape Nuts left on the floor of the stu­dio dur­ing the morn­ing news and
gob­bled them down. He said, “They taste like shoes.” Haney even­tu­ally real­ized the sub­stance was actu­ally cat vomit!  ”Ladies and gen­tle­men, those were not Grape Nuts that I ate.  My cat threw up, and I must have stepped in it and that’s what I ate. I ate cat vomit, right here on tele­vi­sion. It’s dis­gust­ing… I’m going to throw up!”  

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