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My Sleeve Start To Finish

I love hav­ing a full sleeve tat­too. It can be a great con­ver­sa­tion starter.….and some of the looks I get from the judge­men­tal idiots out there is pretty enter­tain­ing too. If you want to see the whole process of get­ting a sleeve check the video below. Its 32 hours of nee­dle in skin time put […]


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 6th session

My Sleeve is done. Wooohooo!! Its been a long jour­ney and com­pletely worth it. I am beyond stoked at how well it turned out. Kyle at WGF Tat­too: The Ones Your Mother Told You About does some absolutely amaz­ing work. If you ever want to get some ink done I highly rec­om­mend any of the guys(Aramis, […]


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 5th session

There’s some­thing about get­ting a new tat­too that just gives you an inde­scrib­able feel­ing. I get all my ink done at WGF Tat­too: The Ones Your Mother Told You About. If you want a new tat­too.….WGF Tat­too is where you should go. Jade


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 4th session

Tat­toos can be a great way of self expression.….but you’ll want to make sure its a qual­ity tat­too. That’s why I go to WGF Tat­too for all of my ink. Check out the video of the 4th color ses­sion for my sleeve that I’ve been work­ing on with Kyle at WGF Tat­too then go get […]


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 3rd session

WGF Tat­too is the only place I’ll get my ink done. If you want some new ink WGF Tat­too is the place to go. Find them on the cor­ner of First and Woodruff in Idaho Falls.


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 2nd session

Hav­ing a full sleeve tat­too is quite enter­tain­ing. The reac­tions you get out in pub­lic are pretty price­less I must say. If you’ve been want­ing a sleeve or even some­thing smaller.…there’s no bet­ter place to get the work done than WGF Tat­too in Idaho Falls. Aramis, Kyle and Hogan are great at what they do […]


My Sleeve part 3 (Color) 1st session

As you know I’ve been work­ing on my Sleeve for a few months now with Kyle from WGF Tat­too. We pretty much have it com­pleted now and I couldn’t be hap­pier. Kyle does some amaz­ing work. If you’re look­ing to get some new ink I highly rec­om­mend any of the guys (Aramis, Kyle or Hogan) at […]


My Sleeve part 2 (Shading)

My Sleeve is com­ing along rather nicely. This last week­end Kyle was able to get all the black work and shad­ing done. If you want your own tat­too from Kyle give him a visit dur­ing Walk in Wednes­days at WGF Tat­too: The Ones Your Mother Told You About.….find them on Face­book by click­ing HERE. Give […]