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MISSING: One 5,000 pound bridge

Here’s something you don’t hear every day. A man in Michigan says a bridge was stolen from his property. Robert Cortis said that he was making plans to move the two-and-a-half ton, wood-and-steel bridge off the property, which he no longer uses as his primary residence. But when he contacted a company to disassemble and […]


What might college students at the U of T be decorating their shelves with this holiday season?

A New York City man is probably kicking himself for getting booted from an NBA game – for taking off his prosthetic leg and hitting another fan with it. Jeffrey Gamblero, known as a Brooklyn Nets “super fan,” had hoofed it to Madison Square Garden to see his team take on the rival New York […]


Florida man. Walmart. Cow Tongue.

A Florida man who really wanted to carjack someone ended up just getting jacked up after botching three separate thefts in a matter of minutes – one of which resulted in him blowing up the vehicle by crashing into a gas pump. Jordan Mincy approached a security guard at a Shell station and muttered something […]


Don't shoot!

A Russian man was forced to rat out a sausage manufacturer for gross hygiene failures after he made a sandwich and bit into the foot of a mouse that had found its way into the deli meat. Anatol Voronkov bought the deli meat and brought it home for a snack, but after a couple of […]


Looks like the NFL needs to up their wages!

An NFL player was arrested at a Florida convenience store for trying to buy several items with a form of payment the store didn’t accept – sticks of bubble gum. Dwayne Gratz, a cornerback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, told the clerk he didn’t have any cash on him, but offered several sticks of gum in […]


So Santa Claus walks into a post office...

A Florida cop apparently forgot which side of the law he’s was on and now he’s out of a job. While responding to a burglary at a convenience store, sheriff’s deputy Ernesto McCloud was caught on surveillance camera stuffing a $10 DVD into his shirt. He later admitted to stealing the video and said he […]


Your texting is straining my eyes.

A California man was brought to tears in a movie theater earlier this week – not because of the flick, but because he got pepper sprayed by a woman who was ticked that he asked her to stop texting. The man, whose name was not released, made several attempts to get the woman’s attention by […]


Folks, we have a new world record!

A 44-year-old mother of six crushed the women’s beer mile world record by 13 seconds, toppling a record that had stood since 1997. While beer mile records are not recognized by the official governing bodies track and field, they are tracked at, where a list of rules can be found. Running a beer mile […]