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He got (stuck in) the shaft

It prob­a­bly seemed like the per­fect plan on paper: Climb up on the roof of the local Arby’s after it closed for the night, zip inside through the ven­ti­la­tion shaft, and then plun­der the store’s vast riches. Except police say a would-be bur­glar in South Car­olina ended up stuck in that ven­ti­la­tion shaft for about […]


Beaver slide

Michi­gan police are still search­ing for a “mys­tery pooper” who has been using children’s slides at a pop­u­lar park as their bath­room for about half a year.  Police have installed a hid­den cam­era because it hap­pens so fre­quently!   The head of the Friends of Prospect Park, coun­cil Mem­ber Pete Mur­dock, called the pur­pose­ful poop­ing “weird […]


Get me a 6 pack, some cigs and Jesus's love

Enjoli Norde walked into the 7-Eleven and asked the clerk if he loved Jesus and then pulled out a hand­gun and demand­ing all the cash from the reg­is­ter!  Norde took the $150 haul and ran off but returned a few min­utes later, gun still in hand, to swipe some smokes and get some booze rec­om­men­da­tions.  Norde […]


Chainsaw head-chop

A tree-trimmer in Penn­syl­va­nia is mirac­u­lously alive after tak­ing a chain­saw blade to the neck and nearly los­ing his head!  21-year-old James Valen­tine was work­ing when his chain­saw slipped and caught him right in the side of his neck. Lucky for him, the blade got stuck in mus­cle and missed a major artery. Emer­gency responders […]


Creamed by cheese

A 22-year-old British woman says she suf­fers from such a severe pho­bia that she can’t walk into a super­mar­ket with­out hav­ing a panic attack. The cause?  Cheese!  Melissa North says she devel­oped her cheese pho­bia as a young child when a friend gave her cheese on toast. Since then, she bursts into tears and cold sweats […]


Darth, you are my leader

A fresh face on the polit­i­cal scene in Ukraine is hop­ing the coun­try will be open to embrac­ing the power of the dark side. Darth Vader has announced he is run­ning for the pres­i­dency of Ukraine as a can­di­date for the Ukrain­ian Inter­net Party. “I alone can make an empire out of a repub­lic, to […]


Redneck Road Rage Gone Wrong

A Florida dri­ver has posted a video called “Red­neck Road Rage / Instant Karma” to YouTube and it shows a  tail­gat­ing dri­ver pull up along­side a female driver’s vehi­cle and give her the mid­dle fin­ger while cruis­ing past.  The female dri­ver wrote, “I couldn’t move over because there were trucks in the right lane, and […]


We'll always have Micky D's

A Nor­we­gian guy walked into McDonald’s and ordered three cheese­burg­ers, fries, a drink and a McFlurry. And he’ll never for­get it. 18-year-old Stian took his McDonald’s receipt to a local tat­too shop and had the entire thing inked onto his arm. He said his friends made him do it as a pun­ish­ment for spend­ing too […]