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Hot Wheels!

A little girl in Hercules, California, came home from trick-or-treating with an unusual goodie – a baggie of meth. Luckily, the dad spent some time helping his eight-year-old sort through her candy, because it was during this time that he found the hidden baggie. The dad immediately turned the bag in to police, who instantly […]



An Arizona man thought he could get a house on the house – by breaking into a home and telling cops it was his … because no one had gone in or out of it in two days. Joshua Warren was busted after police responded to a complaint filed by an elderly woman, who called […]


Free photo in exchange for dumb behavior!

How about this for a strange night out … A Philadelphia woman, who happens to have rather sizable breasts, was partying at the Trilogy Nightclub & Hookah Lounge earlier this year, when a woman dancing on a stripper pole nearby knocked over her table, spilling her hookah, and burning her bumpers with the hot coals […]


This neighborhood stinks.

Some residents of a Florida community are sick and tired of their neighborhood smelling like mothballs all the time, and they’re trying to do something about it. The source of the smell is coming from one house, where the owner insists on scattering hundreds of the small pesticide balls on her driveway. She says she […]


I just wanted to watch some Dukes of Hazzard man!

Doug Ford had hoped to carry on his brother Rob Ford’s legacy as the new mayor of Toronto, but he lost the election Monday to John Tory. However, all is not lost for the Fords. The former mayor, who has battled drug and alcohol problems and now cancer, was voted to return to Toronto city […]



If you find a small snake inside your house you might call it a freak incident. If you find two snakes in your house, you’d probably call in a professional. But if you found more than 100 of the slithering creatures, you’d probably call in a moving company and get out of there. A family […]


Probably not the best thing to do after rolling your vehicle.

A Michigan man gave new meaning to the term “high” speed chase – by leading cops on a 115-mile-per-hour pursuit before rolling his car and taking a hit of marijuana to calm his nerves. The man, whose name was not released, fled a traffic stop in a 2002 Buick, hitting dangerous speeds as he and […]


A double wet-willy is always a good idea, right?

A Florida man who had a bone to pick with his nephew ended up behind bars for stabbing the younger man … for pigging out on too many pork chops at the dinner table. Billy Wall confronted Charles Williams after he discovered that he’d scarfed down three of the four chops he’d cooked – leaving […]