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Baaaddd customer service

An employee at a Dutch shoe store hoofed it out the door after things got wild and woolly – thanks to a flock of sheep that forced their way inside and chased her around.  The crit­ters crashed the store after escap­ing from their owner, who was herd­ing them into town for an exhi­bi­tion.  The clerk was […]


One splash or two?

A Vir­ginia jury has ordered a 53-year-old man to pay $5,001 to his for­mer coworker after he admit­ted to putting some­thing in his cof­fee — and it wasn’t cream and sugar. A jury in Culpeper County Cir­cuit Court ordered James Car­roll But­ler to pay Michael Utz for spik­ing his cof­fee pot with pee in March […]


Flame thrower or bug spray?

Orlando Police say a man was liv­ing in deplorable con­di­tions with trash all over the apart­ment, which would explain the infes­ta­tion of insects. It would also explain why his apart­ment was so flam­ma­ble. Appar­ently the man didn’t have a news­pa­per handy and tried to set the bugs on fire which ulti­mately set the apart­ment on […]


He should've gone to work

Florida Cops say Dwayne Yea­ger called police and reported a bur­glary at his house. When they arrived, they saw that his house had been ran­sacked, but found no signs of a forced entry. They were a lit­tle sus­pi­cious and then spoke to his neigh­bors who knew noth­ing about a break in. Yea­ger even­tu­ally came clean […]


He got (stuck in) the shaft

It prob­a­bly seemed like the per­fect plan on paper: Climb up on the roof of the local Arby’s after it closed for the night, zip inside through the ven­ti­la­tion shaft, and then plun­der the store’s vast riches. Except police say a would-be bur­glar in South Car­olina ended up stuck in that ven­ti­la­tion shaft for about […]


Beaver slide

Michi­gan police are still search­ing for a “mys­tery pooper” who has been using children’s slides at a pop­u­lar park as their bath­room for about half a year.  Police have installed a hid­den cam­era because it hap­pens so fre­quently!   The head of the Friends of Prospect Park, coun­cil Mem­ber Pete Mur­dock, called the pur­pose­ful poop­ing “weird […]


Get me a 6 pack, some cigs and Jesus's love

Enjoli Norde walked into the 7-Eleven and asked the clerk if he loved Jesus and then pulled out a hand­gun and demand­ing all the cash from the reg­is­ter!  Norde took the $150 haul and ran off but returned a few min­utes later, gun still in hand, to swipe some smokes and get some booze rec­om­men­da­tions.  Norde […]


Chainsaw head-chop

A tree-trimmer in Penn­syl­va­nia is mirac­u­lously alive after tak­ing a chain­saw blade to the neck and nearly los­ing his head!  21-year-old James Valen­tine was work­ing when his chain­saw slipped and caught him right in the side of his neck. Lucky for him, the blade got stuck in mus­cle and missed a major artery. Emer­gency responders […]